Picture of How to Make a Water Bottle Carrier Out of Duct Tape
Do you ever go on a run or walk but can't go far because you don't want to carry a water bottle with you? A Camel Bak is okay, but they're heavy and clunky (tell me that doesn't sound like the snuggie commercial). That's why I'm going to show you how to make a water bottle carrier that slides right onto your belt.

I actually got this idea from Family Fun Magazine, but I modified it a little, so you should give them some credit, to. Also, I'm working on a Mac, and Macs don't like adding image notes, so just bare with me.

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Step 1: Ingredients

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O.K, these are the things you need

-Duct Tape (of course)
-A Belt (unless you want to make one out of duct tape)
-Scissors or a knife (even if you rip your tape, you'll at least need scissors)
-Water bottle (this works with pretty much any bottle, so don't be lazy like me and USE A REUSABLE ONE!!

-Hands are preferable, but not necessarily necessary

Nice instructable. But if I were you I would take a toilet paper roll. Wrap some tape. Put the bottom. Put the belt thingie and voila more faster and I want to say 5 words I know more than you. he he

sharlston4 years ago
1 word,why?
guitarmonk15 (author)  sharlston4 years ago
Well, if you're running (more likely walking, it might fall out if you're running) and you need a drink, you can use this to carry a water bottle instead of getting one of those $60 pieces of crap from a running store.
guitarmonk15 (author) 6 years ago
pretty cool