How to Make a Water Bottle Carrier Out of Duct Tape

Picture of How to Make a Water Bottle Carrier Out of Duct Tape
Do you ever go on a run or walk but can't go far because you don't want to carry a water bottle with you? A Camel Bak is okay, but they're heavy and clunky (tell me that doesn't sound like the snuggie commercial). That's why I'm going to show you how to make a water bottle carrier that slides right onto your belt.

I actually got this idea from Family Fun Magazine, but I modified it a little, so you should give them some credit, to. Also, I'm working on a Mac, and Macs don't like adding image notes, so just bare with me.

Tell me how I did in the comments!!!
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
O.K, these are the things you need

-Duct Tape (of course)
-A Belt (unless you want to make one out of duct tape)
-Scissors or a knife (even if you rip your tape, you'll at least need scissors)
-Water bottle (this works with pretty much any bottle, so don't be lazy like me and USE A REUSABLE ONE!!

-Hands are preferable, but not necessarily necessary

Step 2: The Cloth

Picture of The Cloth
Please dear god no! Not the cloth!!! ;)

So first, we have to make the duct tape cloth. Take 1 piece of tape about 1 foot long, sticky side up, and put it on the table. Next, take another piece of tape about the same size and put half way up the first piece (just look at the pics.) After that, flip over the whole thing and put another piece of tape right above the last one. Then just keep repeating until you get 3 rows on both sides. Basically, It should be like the last picture on both sides.

Nice instructable. But if I were you I would take a toilet paper roll. Wrap some tape. Put the bottom. Put the belt thingie and voila more faster and I want to say 5 words I know more than you. he he

sharlston4 years ago
1 word,why?
guitarmonk15 (author)  sharlston4 years ago
Well, if you're running (more likely walking, it might fall out if you're running) and you need a drink, you can use this to carry a water bottle instead of getting one of those $60 pieces of crap from a running store.
guitarmonk15 (author) 5 years ago
pretty cool