Step 9:

Now to charge it:  fill a container (1 cup or more) full of water and stick your neck cooler into the water and wait. 
Thanks for answering ;-)
Two questions please. The first why the stitch in the middle making two halves and the second, when you first charge the gel does yours feel a little "slimmy" to the touch?!?
<p>The stitching down the center to evenly distribute the gel pellets. No, no slimy feel there, just just feel wet fabric. Thanks for asking. </p>
Have been wondering what to use inside those babies...now I know. Thanks so much. In Louisiana we need all the ways you can find to cool down.
That is crazy awesome! Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks so much for sharing this! I will try and make one. I might have trouble finding the polyacrylamide crystals, so did I understand correctly that you can use the filling in disposable diapers? Thanks again! <br>Sunshiine
Go to your local plant nursery, and look for water holding crystals. I saw some just yesterday at Home Depot. The stuff that swells up to hold the fluid added to a disposable diaper is the same stuff only in powder form and yes, you can use that for the neck cooler. Thnaks for commenting.
We are headed to Home Depot thanks! Have a splendorous day! <br>Sunshiine
Try cutting open a clean diaper and use the stuff inside
It's the exact same stuff only in powder form, so it would really work. Thanks for commenting.
Awesome idea ! I usually use a wet bandanna but this would stay wet way longer. Now if only my seamstress wasnt so busy opening her store !
Oo those are handy. Clever stuff. Good for sore muscles too. And just like what the astronauts have in their suits. Kind of. ;) <br> <br>I bet my kitty would even like this. :)
My family went on a disney tour about 3 years ago and they gave these to everybody. The feel so nice and we still use them today!
I am looking up correct colors for my son in Afganistan. I think a package of these would be well recieved. Thanks for commenting.
This would be a great addition to the <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Picnic/">Picnic Challenge</a>!
I have already entered it in 3 contests/challenges. If someone rejects me before Sunday at Midnight I will add it to the picnic challenge.

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