Make a Web Connected Robot (for about $500) (using an Arduino and Netbook)


Step 1: Parts & Tools

Only a few parts are required:

Robot: Arduino Controlled Servo Robot - (SERB)
($175 @ ) or (make your own)
  • An open source robot which uses an Arduino micro-controller as it's brain.
(any dual servo robot platform with an arduino can be used (option 1) (please message me if you discover any other options)

Computer: Asus eee PC 4G
($280) (@Best Buy)
  • A small inexpensive laptop that is perfect for this purpose.
(any laptop (or desktop if you want to run with a chord) capable of running Processing sketches can be used)

Laptop Desk: Laser Cut Acrylic
($25 (@ oomlout) ) or (build your own step 3)
  • A few additional acrylic pieces which bolt onto a (SERB) to give it a desk for the laptop to sit on.

Nuts and Bols: (available at home depot)
  • 3mm x 10mm bolt (x4)
  • 3mm x 15mm bolt (x4)
  • 3mm nut (x8)
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adrian.robb5 years ago
I'm pretty sure Oomlout is an internet store only.
Either or
max_ruls5 years ago
hay dood i love your web car well thats what i wood call it if i made it i wish that you coud tell me of an oomlout shop near brisbane if you can pleas can you email me at

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