How to Make a Webbrowser in "Visual Basic"





Introduction: How to Make a Webbrowser in "Visual Basic"

First of all you need to download Microsoft Visual Basic. Any form of Visual Basic is good, but remember, some of them cost money. I use the free version Visual Basic "Express Edition" but like I said, any form will do good. <<If you dont already have VB, heres a link to the free version<<

Step 1: Starting the Project

When you've finished downloading the program you must start the program,
Open VB and and open a new "Windows Forms Application" file

Step 2: Make the Page

The form will look small when you open it, but you need to expand it to the point where it wont expand anymore. Making a full page.

Step 3: Click "Webbrowser" in "Common Tools"

Click "Common Tools" and click "Webbrowser"

Step 4: Make the Page

This part is kind of tricky. After you click "Webbrowser" just click on the page. Then go to the very top right corner and there should be a small "Play Button" looking button. And click. Then click on "Undock from Parent Container" and then drag it to the size you want the website to display.

Step 5: Make It the Size You Want

Then Drag it to the size that you want the Website to display. Leaving a good ammount of space for the URL box and the back button and stuff.

Step 6: Add the Buttons/pictures

Just add the pictures that will work as the buttons like i did, just click on the common tools and find "Picture Box" then click the play button looking thing and upload the picture you want for the button.
Remember: the buttons I put up are just examples!! you can make your own if you want.

Step 7: Insert the Text Boxes

In the common tools you can click text box and put in the URL box and if you like, a search box.
(You only need one though)

Step 8: Personalize (Optional)

You can go to "Properties" and personalize it

Step 9: Coding

Here are the codes
(You dont have to use all of these codes)
You add the codes by double-clicking on the corresponding picture and typing this in:

go button

go back button

go forward button

refresh button

home button

Step 10: Publish

Click "Build" at the top of the screen and click "Publish"
Finish installing it to where ever you want like your desktop or whatever. Once your done open it and make sure it works.

Step 11: YOU'RE DONE

Now enjoy surfing the web on your customized Webbrowser!
This is my second Instructible so please comment!!



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    Another simple way would be to drop a splitter control onto the form, then drop the browser onto the bottom half of the splitter. open the properties panel and set the dock style property to fill (there should be a set of boxes, click the big one in the center).

    This will mean the browser fills the window even if resized, and allows you to resize the top panel which you can use for a menu.

    There are more "proper" ways, but lets keep it simple.

    That is a very helpful tip. Thanks!

    We are developing a more advaned web browser using Visual Basic.
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    Upcoming projects are: Keylogger, Web Browser, Games, Working with Data Bases, Vote System, Media Player and more!

    i'm new to scripting and all that stuff, but this really helped me get a jump start on basic, nice ible!

    Why does everyone use Basic? Whats wrong with C#?

    Because Basic is basic and C sharp is too sharp for others to handle haha. Besides, you can crunch out applications faster on VB than programming with C or any of its relatives, because you still have to compile the stuff. I do admit that accessing codes in your head is much faster than having to look for a button on VB, that's why I'm trying to learn C++. While all of this was going, I'm using a web browser I crunched out 10 minutes ago hehe. Nothing's wrong with C#, it's just that if you're a newbie it's very... intimidating. It's more of a psychological battle with yourself.

    thanks really good instructable

    will a regular button work instead? i am new to this

    Yes, just drag buttons from the toolbox.
    You can set the text on the buttons in the properties.

    Thanks. Also, I was wondering, what is the code for a progress bar?