How to Make a Weighing Scales



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Introduction: How to Make a Weighing Scales

Hello! I want to show how to make a Weighing Scales.

You know that one milliliter of water weighs one gram.

I poured a hundred milliliters of water in the first Cup. I weigh one hundred grams of lead in the second Cup.

Now I need a container of water, a cup should float freely in this container.

The water level in the container changed. And I put a mark on him.

Now I immerse the Cup with lead. The water level and the mark do not match, because I pulled one piece of lead weighing three and a half grams. And now all right.

You can weigh any weight changing quantity of water in the first cup if you want to weigh something bigger, you can to use a larger cup. it's all. Thank you for your attention. See you!



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