Step 4: Making the Brow

In this step you will make the forehead/brow of the wolf. You will need the same materials as in the previous two steps.

1: First, take your foam board, and but out a small piece measureing 1 1/2 x 7. Then score the board around 5 1/2 inches up across. (Pic 1)

2: Tape the bottom of this piece to the snout of the mask (Pic 2,3&4)

3: Cut another strip with the measurements shown (Pic 5) And tape it to the first strip

4: Cut two triangular shaped pieces with the measurements shown, and tape that to the mask and second strip (Pic 6)
<p>Thanks so much for this!! I made a Wolf Hood based on this a couple of years ago, except I used an adjustable cap rather than a beanie because I wanted something that would fit more securely on my head - and also I didn't want to wear a mask all night, so I left the face open. I also made the teeth part of the snout structure to save time (using some white tape on the edges at the front to make them smooth and toothy), and didn't use any extra fabric, just hot-glued the fur straight onto the cap and left it hanging at the back for a hood effect. I made the snout out of a ball of masking tape instead of clay, and used black electrical tape instead of leather. Handily, the cap I bought for a couple of dollars had light-up lettering using optic fibres, so I just cut the ends where they were glued into the letters, split them into 2 groups and glued them to 2 golden clear plastic buttons that I put in the eye holes, so the eyes light up! (but I couldn't get a good photo of that). Really really useful instructions on this page :) </p>
<p>Also I would like to recommend 3D paper wolf mask template: http://maskhunters.com/masks/wolf-mask-template/</p>
You should make fursuits and QUADSUITS!
Tanx for this amazing instructable! <br>Greetings from the Netherlands! <br>
So, big thanks to Voxee for these really detailed instructions which helped me create my best Halloween costume to date! In fact, it's my best costume full stop! The picture shows it in it's most spooky setting...in the dark with some orange LEDS in the eyes. I might try and figure out a way to do this permanently whilst wearing it.<br> <br> My main issue was with the weight concentration at the front of the mask which made it difficult to keep on my head. My beanie was very loose and I did try to tighten this up with elastic but didn't have much success. One other note on the beanie is that I hot glued it to the cross frame of the mask rather than sewing it.<br> <br> Overall though, I was really impressed with the solidity of the mask. I had to use cardboard boxes for the main structure rather than foam core board, which I was worried about initially, but it seemed to work fine. Anyway, I'm really glad I took this challenge on and am really grateful for the guide. Couldn't have done it without it!
Awesome idea with the LEDs, looks great. Hope you had a fun Halloween with it!!
I actually made this last year and never got the chance to show it off on this chain. After much frustration and toil (and glue-burned fingers), here's the final product. Thank you SO much for the instructions. My friends were amazed that I actually made it myself.<br><br>I went a bit more gruesome with the blood - I didn't dilute the red, and I put it over most of the teeth and snout. Oh, and there was a ton of extra fabric hanging off the back. The day after these pics were taken, I trimmed it and re-stiched it all. I fixed up a whole neck-strap to make the movable jaw extremely efficient.<br><br>Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome idea. Turned out great.
this is really cool and the walking of ur dog with the shoot gun had me laughing
used your instructable as a start to my fantastic mr. fox mask (in progress). so customizable!<br><br>thanks! <br><br>halloween costumes don't have to be scary!
FURther along....
WOuld you be willing to share the alterations you made to VOxee's pattern for the fox mask? Yours is the BEST Fantastic Mr. Fox style mask (or best fox period) that I've seen online and want to make my own!!!!
I wish that I had the time right now to write an instructable for the mask. Voxee did a really great job and I didn't have to alter too much. <br><br>I used 3 1/2&quot; thick costume quality fox fur and pieced it together with a lot of hot glue. (It was easy to hide the joints in the pieces because the fur was so long). <br><br>I have some pictures of the process here:<br><br>http://kevinwagnerdesign.com/design/the-fantastic-mr-fox/
That looks fantastic! Great job!
er... no pun intended on the &quot;fantastic&quot; lol
need one to scare my sister last night we saw a noselsess man covered in fur on the highway looked like a werewoldf poor guy my siter screamed and scared me it was a full moon so i nedd to tesae her about for a while
hey dude i need to do one today&nbsp; and i want it to be epic so please reply and help me
Sure, what can I help you with?<br />
Wanna say thats for your excellent instructable, I used for my costume. Went down a 'Native' route instead of the werewolf, using the wolfs head as my head gear, and the jaw hung around the neck for decoration.. Cheers!
Just finished mine for halloween!&nbsp; I didn't include the moving jaw but I decided to put some LED's in the eye holes for added creepyness.<br />
Looks awesome!&nbsp; Nice touch with the eyes, and the ears look great too!&nbsp; <br />
Thanks for the wonderful instructable. We spent the last week making a mask and were constantly amazed at how well it all worked.<br />
&nbsp;I'm almost finished with mine, I'll post pics when the teeth are done. Instead of painting my snout (because i'm lazy), I cut the fur really short and used that.
&nbsp;I got the pictures!!! (not as great as your's though) I rushed the t-shirt, fur, and leather because the weekend was pretty much over and I had other stuff to do. <br /> <br /> Teeth are made from model magic, not foamboard, which I thought, gave a more dimensional look to the teeth.<br /> <br /> Again, snout was made with fur, cut short, and it looks crooked because of the way its sitting on the chair.<br /> <br /> There will be pics from Halloween when its actually on me!<br />
Great job!&nbsp; The fur on the snout looks good, I might give that a try next time I make one.&nbsp; Hope you have fun with it on Halloween!<br />
Awesome, can't wait for the pics :)<br />
&nbsp;can you give me a tip on where to get the fur? i went to joann fabrics and my other local hobby shops but they dont even know what im talking about =(
Hrm, the kind i use is the same as this:<br /> http://www.craftsetc.com/store/item.aspx?ItemId=92626&amp;dep=50&amp;cat=5&amp;subcat=15&amp;Search=Y <br /> I've found it at my craft store, but I've also found it in my local walmart in the crafts department.&nbsp; If you're looking for a larger quantity than that, I'd recommend shopping around online under the search term, &quot;fur fabric&quot;.&nbsp; They have a lot of different kinds.&nbsp; I found a few yards for a decent price on ebay.
You, sir, have a great talent for scaring <br /> the crap outta little kids.<br />
Cool mask, and great picture (the first one in step 13).&nbsp; Does your dog treat you differently when you wear it?<br /><br />
First time he saw it he tucked his tail between his legs and whimpered &gt;.&lt; lol, but after he knew it was me it didn't bother him anymore.&nbsp; My cat on the other hand... lol<br />
Nice instructable, i think im going to try to make a pair of gloves out of fur, so i will have Were wolf gloves, that can provide hand warmth, and look like claw, 5 stars.
&nbsp;I like the happy WW couple holding hands in shorts and flipflops... awwwww...otherwise you creeped me out with the mask. Good job and a great set of instructions. Thanks!
This is fantastic!&nbsp; The picture at the dining room table is awesome.<br /><br />I have a 2 month old son.&nbsp; I want to make this mask, wear a polka dot June Cleaver dress, and dress my son up as a lamb for Halloween.&nbsp; <br />
Thank you :) <br /><br />That idea sounds awesome!&nbsp; I hope you go for it and send pics!&nbsp; <br />
i dont have all these materials
...Then go buy them...<br />
&nbsp;I like you &lt;3
Naw, that you/(girl who's relationship to you was not explained, but assuming so would just cause awkwardness) picture is so cute... <br />
I like how you made a mask by using more common materials than using things like plaster or the stuff used in masks at the store that are rubbery.
Well, i've got my materials and thought long and hard about all the possibilites...and concluded that i'm going to create a dragon mask by following your design :D may hav to use more than a beanie since i'm using steer horns, but my only question is how durable is your wolf mask? i'm planning on wearing it to Ren Fest :)
im so glad you made an in depth guide!!! it's very helpful. im hopefully gonna start mine tomorrow, i'll post pics once its finished. thanks again for the help : )
Awesome, can't wait to see it! Let me know if you have any questions along the way!
Bless you!
I hope it helps! Hope the play goes well, let me know how things turn out!
nice can you make an alien mask from alien versus predator plz? thanks send me a mesage if you did it.
not gonna lie, thats kinda creepy. except for that last pic. almost looks like its smiling

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