Introduction: How to Make a Whistle With Cococola or Beer Bottle-Caps!

Picture of How to Make a Whistle With Cococola or Beer Bottle-Caps!


Bottle caps

Empty coke tin


Cut empty coke tin and separate two portions one is bottle cap size and another one an inch width straight portion

Step 1: Making Inner Part of the Whistle

Picture of Making Inner Part of the Whistle

Take the straight portion and at the edge place the smaller portion and twist the edges of smaller portion and the roll it back in a circular way

Step 2: Making Covering Portion of Whistle

Picture of Making Covering Portion of Whistle

Take two bottle caps and make a small gap as shown in the figure and the by hot glue stick the inner portion between two caps

Step 3: Make Some Gap

Picture of Make Some Gap

finally make some gap near the blowing section with any pointed object finally our whistle is ready


Gorilla22 (author)2016-03-15

How does this work? If this is like a pea whistle, where is the pea? If it is a pealess whistle, it would need three chambers. Does it make the same sound?

Luziviech (author)Gorilla222016-10-22

eh? Why would a pealess whistle need three chambers? Even a pea-whistle without a pea works. The pea is only in there to get into circular motion by air pressure and open/close the opening differing the tune (basically the same way a sirene works); the function is like blowing over a bottle-head's opening or any other tube. The mouthpiece's end is straight in line with the edge at the other side of the opening splitting the air flow and bringing the whole thing to vibration.
Afaik that's how it works to make sounds, even with your voice; forcing air through more or less movable edges, strings and make them vibrate.

sirsunnyanimal (author)2016-02-17

OMG that is so cool

OALC (author)2015-11-06

Dude that's very cool

krazykred (author)OALC2015-11-07


4700a (author)krazykred2015-12-01

Hey @krazykred what is your name

tubdoc (author)2015-11-10

Looks like fun ,would make great party gifts for a kids party!

ArticAkita (author)2015-11-09

awesome little ditty for them pesky bottlecaps! love it!

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