How to Make a Winter Wheat Food Plot for Deer

Picture of How to Make a Winter Wheat Food Plot for Deer
This instructable is how to make a basic deer food plot using wheat seed. I wanted to share my knowledge with this simple farming technique that can make your hunting 10x better in the fall hunting season. Winter wheat, or wheat, is planted anytime between Oct 10-22 and is expected to grow 2-5 inches before winter, dormant in winter, 3-6 feet in the spring, and dry out in mid summer. Winter wheat is a profitable crop intended for farmers to grow, but its also a very inexpensive crop to grow for deer or any other animal. Winter wheat is the only plant that stays green during the winter months which makes great nutrition that deer that deer crave for. You will see more deer than usual planting this crop and will also produce bigger bucks with the additional nutrition to their diets. Below i will describe how to make a winter wheat food plot with either a four wheeler or tractor.
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Step 1: Materials Needed:

Picture of Materials Needed:
* 75 pounds of wheat per acre
* 80 pounds of 20 20 20 fertilizer per acre
* Tiller
* Four wheeler or tractor
* ATV seed spreader
* Drag

Step 2: Till your Field

Picture of Till your Field
I would highly recommend first mowing your field down as much as possible, kill all the vegetation with grass killer, and wait 1 week before planting. This way only your wheat seed grows and not your weeds. But if you don't have the tools to do that, attach the tiller to your four wheeler or tractor and till your field. Tilling it will do most of the work even if you don't mow it down first. You want to till the field as much as possible until the ground is very loose and fertile. You shouldn't see much grass after this process but standing grass is fine. This step may take a couple of runs depending how dry the earth is but it is important to get the dirt loose so that your seed grows. 
Thanks, great information!
Pyrotect1 year ago
GREAT article. Being a hunter and future land owner i have wondered what/how i could do something like this to keep deer around. Thanks and if you have anymore wisdom on harvesting and maintaing a health herd i would love to read more.
HealthPro1 year ago
Great way to keep the deer returning time and time again, wonderful article.
T-Money (author)  HealthPro1 year ago
Thank you!
Hi there, Thanksmfor the instructible and idea. Do younknow if this would this work in the UK? I live in Surrey, south of London and my tiny farm 33 acres, is surrounded by woodland with deer in it, so a great crop if our winters are not too harsh. What kind of climate do you farm in?
T-Money (author)  Deepford_UK1 year ago
It should absolutely work I the UK. The only thing that would be different is date at which you plant. Typically it is done 2-3 weeks before the leafs begin to change color for fall. The winters will also not effect it.