I found some chunks of wood that were almost the perfect size for a business card holder. It's almost Father's Day, so that is what they became!

**I made this at TechShop in San Francisco**

Step 1: Required Materials

You will need:

1. a block of wood--the ones I found were 4"x4" square. If you can't find this specifically, then a larger piece cut to size would work too.
2. pencil
3. bandsaw*
4. clear 1/8" acrylic
5. Computer with vector drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator*
6. laser cutter*
7. white acrylic paint
8. damp paper towel
9. 4 penny nails (preferably the kind that come with picture frame hanging kits, you know, the short ones)
10. dremel (or other rotary tool) with drum sander attachment--it's a standard one that usually comes with the tool
11. small drill bit
12. hammer, preferably hard rubber*
13. small adjustable clamp
14. power drill*
15. vice*
16. E6000 all-purpose adhesive
17. toothpick

*these tools were provided by TechShop

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