Picture of How to Make a Wooden Toy Car
This is a plan for a simple wooden toy car.
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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
This is the design for the body of the car. If you right click and save this picture it should print out to scale. The car is 6 inches long and just over two inches tall.

Step 2: Tools Required

Picture of Tools Required
These are the tools and materials needed:

1. 8" or more of 1X4 pine board
2. 6" of 3/16 dowel rod
3. Coping Saw
4. 1/4" drill bit
5. 7/8" flat wood bit
6. 1-1/2" hole saw with 3/16" guide bit
7. Drill (not pictured)

Step 3: Making the body of the Car

Picture of Making the body of the Car
Cut out the pattern and trace it onto one corner of the pine board. Be sure to also mark the holes for the axles and the window. Then, clamping the wood firmly in place, cut along the traced edge with the coping saw.

Step 4: Windows & Axle Shafts

Picture of Windows & Axle Shafts
Drill the two holes for the axles using the 1/4" drill bit, and then drill out the window using the 7/8" flat wood bit.

Step 5: Making the Wheels.

Picture of Making the Wheels.
Using the remainder of the 1X4 board, cut out the wheels using the 1-1/2" hole saw. Then cut the dowel rod in half, so that you have two 3" axle pieces.

Step 6: Finish & Assembly

Picture of Finish & Assembly
Sand all the rough edges. Then, insert the dowel rods into the wheels and tamp lightly with a hammer until they slightly protrude from the other side as seen in the picture below. After that, you can put the axles on the car and tap on the remaining wheels from the other side.

Step 7: Testing & Review.

Picture of Testing & Review.
Test the quality of your work by giving it to a kid near you. By the look on this little guy's face I think this one will be just fine!
brookie1232 months ago

Lovin it!

brookie1232 months ago

I suck penius

brookie1232 months ago

Cheeky babe

goodoldkatee2 months ago

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Anna bean made it!1 year ago

i made a few of the cars and cut animals shapes too as part of a simple wood workshop at a local fair. The car is in the girl's left hand and has been painted.

goodoldluke (author)  Anna bean1 year ago
Hey that is great! Thanks for letting me know!