Step 2: Tools Required

These are the tools and materials needed:

1. 8" or more of 1X4 pine board
2. 6" of 3/16 dowel rod
3. Coping Saw
4. 1/4" drill bit
5. 7/8" flat wood bit
6. 1-1/2" hole saw with 3/16" guide bit
7. Drill (not pictured)
<p>hi </p>
<p>waho what a tutoiral ha</p>
<p>Lovin it!</p>
<p>Cheeky babe</p>
<p>i made a few of the cars and cut animals shapes too as part of a simple wood workshop at a local fair. The car is in the girl's left hand and has been painted.</p>
Hey that is great! Thanks for letting me know!

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