Introduction: How to Make a Work Bench

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Easy workbench to make.

Step 1: Legs

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Start by cutting pieces of 2in x 4in into 54in in length. I used three 2in x 4in x 10ft and cut them into six 2in x 4in x54in pieces of wood. Making sure all of them are even in important to make sure the table will be sturdy and balanced.

Step 2: Plywood Top

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Once the six pieces of wood are cut, start by screwing two of the pieces of wood on top of eachother. I used 3in wood screws. I put two in the top and two in the bottom going into opposite directions. I repeated this two other times.

Step 3: Plywood

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Next, figure out what size table you want. Make sure the plywood is strong enough to put heavy materials and wighted objects before you decide to use it.

Step 4: Screwing the Legs Into the Plywood

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The next thing that you need to do is screw the legs of the table into the plywood. I screwed in four screws into each leg. For this I used 3 1/2 in wood screws for this. I used all three in one side of the plywood. I measure and marked every 32in on the 8ft side of the plywood.

Step 5: Back Legs

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Instead of making more legs, I found studs on the wall I was going to put the bench on. I screwed in three pieces of wood into the wall using a stud finder. If you don't find studs, then they won't be able to hold up the table and its weight. I used 3 1/2 in screws for this.

Step 6: Walls for the Table

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I put up 2in x 4in pieces of wood on the sides so things wouldn't fall off the side. I cut them to whatever length I needed them. I put them on two of the sides and and on the back so things wouldn't be able to fall off.


Swansong (author)2017-05-30

That looks good, I'd love to build a work space in the garage when I get the time :)

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