How to Make a Yoshimura Mask





Introduction: How to Make a Yoshimura Mask

Hoi this is a really bad mask that i made
Pls dont judge
I honestly dont know how to do this

Step 1: Materials

you need:

A mask (@ michaels)
Water color ( i would use acrylic instead)
Paint n' patch (or whatever you wanna use to smooth out the face)
A brush

Step 2: Êwê Making the Mask

1. Get the mask and then use what you would use to smooth out the facial features of the mask.. Cover the eyes too
2. Make a 1 circle and 1 ring out of the patch n' paint (be careful, its not very stable)
3. Paint the full circle black/red

Step 3: :3

You put the painted circle and the ring on the right eye carfully so the eye doesn't rip
Then paint the marks around his eye and then the other with acrylic or water color and the mouth too
Just use the photos in the beginning

Step 4: This Isnt a Step Lol

Its me



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    The is an awesome cosplay mask. Are you going to make the rest of the costume? If you do I hope you will post that too.