Okay, this is my instructable on how to make a cruddy (but working!) Duel disk that you can personalize!

I got the idea from looking at cardboard and wantng a duel disk. I figured, waht the heck, and from there I just put the pieces together.

My computer has no way to upload pictures so I had to make everything on paint for examples.You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

So you're going to need the following:

~ Cardboard (And lots of it!)
~ Paint
~ Small calculator
~ String or Velcro (To fix this to your arm)
<p>I made something similar out of paper plates, string, and hanger metal. No calculator, though.</p>
<p>it looks good, but what are some of the measurements for pieces?</p>
nice instructable
Ok so can you be a little more specific because I need one of these by Halloween if I don't get a real one plz help if you can<br>
5 stars
which duel disks can hld protectors
Okay I'm going to solve this all at one time. For both of you: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A CARD/DECK PROTECTER IS!!!*Takes deep breath to calm herself* For Ward_Nox: You're supposed to size the deck and then cut the box. For Ward_Nox: I don't know what a click counter's wheel is either. I will google whatever this stuff is and add some instructables to my very small list and let you guys know so you can check it out...okay?
Dek protectors are the plastic sleeves players put on there card s so thyere cards don't gett messed up do to repeated handling the one of the 2 BIGGEST complaints about the first version of the duel disk that was released was that the slots for the cards were 2 narrow to allow you to use deck protectors<br/><br/>it wasnt till the 3rd version (duel academy duel disk) that this was fixed<br/><br/>and as for the &quot;click wheel&quot; what i ment was soemthign like This:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/odometer2.jpg">http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/odometer2.jpg</a><br/>
Thank you for clearing that up...I guess you could use a lock for a life point counter unless you want to make the wheel or buy it...I coldn't post how to make one cause I'm not all 'techy'. I'll make the box instructable later.
2 things to be carful of that i know about from the real ones 1 that the card slot can hold cards in deck protectors 2 that the way that the cards are held in place dosen't bend the cards also you might actually want to build something resembling a click counter's wheels for keeping track of the actual life points so you don't lose your points if the calculator clears
in your first thing your wrong. they cant hold cards in protectors.
the duel academy disk can what i ment was that as first they didn't accommodate for that

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