How to Make a Light for Photography





Introduction: How to Make a Light for Photography

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How to Make a light for Photography

When you take a picture of something, you can't do it well if the light is dark.

Make the light for photography to get enough light.

Step 1: Materials

a base board

a corrugated plastic

a velcro tape

an aluminum foil

a socket

a double sided tape

a switcha outleta joining terminala distribution cablea tripodgluea rulerscissors

Step 2: Put the Double Sided Tape

Put the double sided tape on the corrugated plastic.

Step 3: Attach the Aluminum Foil

Attach the aluminum foil with STEP2.

Step 4: Finished a Part of the Lampshade

Finished a part of the lampshade.

Make four pieces in total in the same way.
Attach the aluminum foil with the base board.

Step 5: Make a Hole

Make a hole in the corrugated plastic to exhaust heat of a fluorescent lamp.

Step 6: Screw the Socket

Screw the socket on the base board.

Step 7: Join Sockets

Join sockets to the distribution cable.

Step 8: Install the Fluorescent Lamp

Install the fluorescent lamp.

It is brightness of 400W in total.

Step 9: Turn on the Light

Turn on the light.

Step 10: Fix the Tripod

You fix the light on the tripod.You have finished it !!

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    Thank you! I make it in various things from now on!

    Thank you!! I'll try it!!

    You could add Y splitters to each bulb and double your output and bulbs! Great build and thank you

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    Thank you for comment! When it was lighted, I was glad!

    Thank you! I make it in various things from now on!