Introduction: How to Make a Speaker Bike

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 Make a cheap bike That sings !

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

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 you need ... rope , old speaker, amp , wire , old battery , aux cord , flat head , what you can have ... switch , and washer clamp....

Step 2: Optional

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 adding the switch

Step 3: Setting It Up

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 Seeing if every thing works and sounds good ...

Step 4: Locate Were Your Putting It

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 i put mine on the luggage carrier  

Step 5: Secures.

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 secure the speaker and the amp..and tuck in excess wires

Step 6: Done!!



Zaphod Beeblebrox (author)2009-11-16

cool prject wish it was a it better documented,where to get the parts how much it will cost,any tools u used, why you wanted to do this,what you did with it afterwards,what did people think, what songs/other audio u used etc.
              just a bit of constructive criticism..................

 well i made a new support base and added two of those speakers and a sub....i got the speakers from book shelf stereo,amp from old car ....only flat head.....i upgraded it......well i went to the park had alot of good comments people said the sound was great......i use my phone i use it for  hip hop rap pop its all so very good on rock.. and bout 25-100 if you no were to buy and what yo buy! hope this helped

it did thanks!

 no problem

WAY better than my first ible,i had to delete it it was so bad

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