How to Make a speedometer housing (on a budget).
    Some times you just have to be creative when you have already gone over budget on your project, don’t have a budget, or sometimes there is no other option. So I had this nice mini speedo for my chopper/bobber project bike, I wanted to hide it as much as possible but it needed to be close to the front wheel as well. I found the perfect spot just below the lower triple tree, but needed to find a way to mount it to the bike. I figured out the best thing to do was to create a housing it would sit in and mount that to the lower triple tree. This meant I was doing to need something that was the perfect diameter for the speedo to sit in. Then it hit me all the primer cans I just emptied we be perfect. I MADE IT AT TECH SHOP.

Step 1: Step 1:

Step 1:  I firmly placed the COMPLETELY EMPTY / depressurized primer can into the bench vise but not to firmly as to deform the can. Using a hack saw, I slowly cut the end of can off to open it up. I was still a little nervous as to the outcome of opening the can, it turned out ok. If you choose to try this make sure you have completely emptied the can, even then I am not making any guarantees.

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