Picture of How-to Make an 8 Layer Grilled Cheese
Hungry, and feeling adventurous?
How bout making a multi-layered Grilled Cheese.
It's really simple and quick to make.

This instructable will show you how to go about it with 8 layers.

I've done an entire loaf (24slices), but that wasn't documented.
You can use any cheese you want, and any extras. Multiple cheeses is actually a great snack for cheese people.
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Step 1: Things you'll need.

Picture of Things you'll need.
Things you'll need.

8 Slices of Bread - Any kind of bread will do. You'll need as many as layers you want (8 for this)
7 Slices of Cheese - The more cheeses the better in my opinion. You'll need 1 less then slices of bread.
Butter - Butter or margarine or whatever you want to spread on the bread.
Tools - You'll need a spatula, a pan/griddle, butter knife, stove.

Step 2: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Begin with heating the pan. Set the stove to high, you want drops of water to pop.
You want the heat of the bread to melt the cheese, so a quick grill is better then slow.

Prepare the cheese.
For sliced cheese i unwrapped them all and cris-cross the wrappers to make it easy to get the cheese.

Butter the bread, only butter one side, make it thin, you don't need much. You can even do without any butter but it helps with sticking.

Step 3: Cooking time

Picture of Cooking time
Start with placing one piece of bread butter down, and quickly add the cheese on top and another piece of bread, butter up this time.

let it sit there for about 15seconds, until its a nice golden brown. Then flip it and do the same to the other side.

Don't squish it with the spatula.

Step 4: Flip Flop

Picture of Flip Flop
Ok, now that both sides are grilled to perfection, add a slice of cheese and another piece of bread, butter up.
Now flip it to grill this new bread.

Leave it like this about 15 seconds again.
Add another slice of cheese to the top with bread butter up again.

You need to flip back and forth like this until you have no more cheese and bread to add.
You can wait less time each flip because the weight of the sandwich will help grill it faster.
so, have you ever choked eating one of these?
PropagandaPanda (author)  ducktape.mac4 years ago
Nope, not once. When I make them I'll use real cheese and sometimes add so deli meats.
Usually I will grill both sides of the bread without adding butter/margarine. Basically toasting it. This keep the bread fluffy, and easier to eat.
The bread when doing that is hot enough to melt the cheese, if not I'll place the whole thing in the pan and cover it until the cheese melts.

So really in the end its really fluffy and actually pretty good to eat.
I did this, but when I did it I added butter to the side I was about to grill so it would become crunchy, but overall it was really greasy. Tasty and delicious, but greasy.
aren't tasty, delicious, and greasy just about the same word? :)
(YOUR N4 years ago
Okay I admit I had a 16 layred one with 6 slices
Of cheese 2 peices of bacon 1 piece of chicken
And 4 peices of turkey in between eath slice
All by myself
toogers (YOUR N4 years ago
did you end up gaining a pound? that probably has more fat than a frigging baconator!
(YOUR N toogers4 years ago
ha you fell for it of course i dident
Oroka5 years ago
Okay, I was hungry, so I made a 4 slice version of this with some turkey in each layer with my cheese! Im chewing it as I type :D
PropagandaPanda (author)  Oroka5 years ago
Awesome. Its gets harder and harder if you add meat, unless you use 2 slices of cheese. The cheese holds it together and with meat in the way the thing can fall apart when you flip it. 14slices of cheese in an 8layer GC would be insane, specially if you ate it alone. :)

lol. sorry, i wasn't over-enthusiastic with the Caps lock button.
that sounds Soooooo good
with the 2 cheez for each layer...
mmmmmmm bacon
Heart attack sandwich! :P
Seleziona4 years ago
This'd make you sick!
Holden_vy_s5 years ago
Haha, nice. But i hate that sliced cheese, its like plastic.
PropagandaPanda (author)  Holden_vy_s5 years ago
You can use any cheese of course, and like it says you can even use different cheeses for every part of it. Its a bit tougher tho since the cheese doesn't melt as easy.
Yeah, but i still dont like that processed cheese.
I totally agree. I've nicknamed processed cheese "plastic cheese" since I was young.
I do agree, processed cheese is pretty weird. My favorite cheeses for these are Swiss, and Pepper Jack.
I like Brie and Camembert, basically all the soft, mild cheeses thattaste awesome on crackers.
Yay for cheese and crackers.
You're supposed to take the little plastic wrappings off BEFORE you eat the cheese! :)
PropagandaPanda (author)  Foaly75 years ago
That explains the smell!
memekode5 years ago
Who said it was processed cheese? He said sliced cheese... Unless you are cutting your havarti in blocks it is sliced cheese!
No normal cheese comes individually in plastic wrappers.
awang85 years ago
How can you possibly eat 24 slices of bread + 23 slices of cheese in one meal?!?!?!
l8nite5 years ago
What a neat idea! Not just using different cheeses but adding other tastes/flavors like tomato or onion or salsa or bacon, on alternating layers....
Oroka5 years ago
Maybe even throw in a few slices of lunch meat for additional flavor and excitement!
mmm...imagine a different type of cheese per layer.
Yup, that's what I did the first time. For simplicity sake and the fact that i didn't take pictures of that, I used individually wrapped cheese this time.
Kaiven5 years ago
Pure win. 8 14Y3R 9R111 CH3353 FTW! (did I do that right? :P)
Kaiven Kaiven5 years ago
In fact, very well might be my lunch.
matroska5 years ago
A multi-layer grilled cheese instructable? HELL YEAH!
the_mad_man5 years ago
mmmmmmm... cheese.
SinAmos5 years ago
This goes in file folder; INANE/YUMMY.
Badger_Man5 years ago
That is pure awesomeness distilled into a sandwich....... *runs to kitchen*
ItsTheHobbs5 years ago
YUM! Great pics, just add tomato sauce!
Featured! Cheese is my favourite food group, also I think it's a food group...
Oh also, nice job on the photos...
Doctor What5 years ago
That. Is. Awesome. and disturbing, but mostly awesome