Introduction: How to Make an A-line Mini Dress

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Another pattern/sewing project from my New Year's Series. This one I call the Dare Me look. Don’t make it as short as mine unless you purposely want it this short, I mistakenly cut a hole and then had to snip to the hole. You can wear it with leggings, stockings or even to a cruise as a cover up for a bikini ! It's super duper easy to make ! Hope you enjoy !

Step 1: What You Will Need

1-3 yards of base fabric - depending on how long or short you want your dress

1/2" of fabric for facing (if using a different colour)

1/4" press on interfacing

fabric/ paper scissors

pattern paper

beads/gems (optional)

awesome sauce

Step 2: Watch the Video :)

Easy do it yourself video which shows you how to make the pattern and the step by step process of assembling and sewing the garment ! If you have any questions , just ask . I don't bite ...really


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