How to Make an AWESOME Omelet

In this instructable I will show you how to make a nice, hot, perfectly colored omelet...
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Step 1: What You Need

- Pan
- Spatula
- Knife
- Butter
- Stove (obviously)
- 2 or 3 eggs
- Cheese
- Meat; bacon, ham, etc. (optional)

Step 2: Preparing the Pan

Picture of Preparing the Pan
So, to start we will take the butter and grease the pan. Set the stove top at a medium-low temperature. Take the stick of butter and rub it around the inside of the pan until it is well greased.

Step 5: Cooking the Eggs

Now we are ready to cook the eggs! So, take the mixed eggs and pour them into the greased pan. Put a lid on top of the pan and let cook until they are a nice yellow color and can easily be folded. Now, add the rest of the ingredients to the omelet and fold it over.

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