How to Make an Air Guitar!





Introduction: How to Make an Air Guitar!

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Have you ever wanted to make a sweet guitar to rock out on for no money at all? Well Now you can!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Air guitar bodies
Air guitar pick guards
Air guitar strings
Air guitar tuning keys
Air guitar bridges
Air guitar nuts
Air guitar tools

Step 2:

Choose whether you want an electric or acoustic air guitar then take the air guitar body of your choice and put the bridge under the hole in the air guitar body, use your air guitar tools.

Step 3:

Attach the tuning keys to the head of your air guitar body, attach the little pegs to the bridge and attach the nut just under the head at the end of the neck.

Step 4:

Now use your air guitar strings and string your air guitar (depending on which hand you use to play the air guitar you may want to string the strings differently.) Next attach the pick guard on the side of the hole in the body where your pick will hit. If you have an electric air guitar hook up the wires to plug it into the amp.

Step 5: Paint

Paint your guitar, my guitar is dark red with black bat wings coming out of it.

Step 6: Rock Out!!!

Use your new custom air guitar to rock out on!



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    What pressure do you need the air at? I'm not sure I've got any of the right kind, so will CO2 do instead?

    Nice! You need an Instructable on how to tune air drums.

    1 reply

    I have discovered a very simple way to tune the air drums. You rap you air stick on the drum rim, then rap on the air skin. They should be the same note, but several octaves apart. If not the same, then just tighten or loosen the air skin till you hear the resonant tone. It will be in perfect tune, at that point then you will hear nothing, so you may have to detune to get the effect you want. Hope this helps.

    Mine had a big bend in the deck, do i need to make a new one :(


    I've been looking for something I can smash onstage. This will work great!

    A bit too expensive.. All the materials were too pricey.

    Have anything on the lighter side?

    Do you know a way I could make one of these a bit cheaper? This is WAY out of my budget...

    Best tutorial on this site!

    International school of Air Guitar.

    So,you suggest going to ISAG to learn to play the air guitar?

    My advice? Don't make or buy an acoustic one; they're so quiet you can hardly hear them, unless you feel like spending $500+ on one. An electric actually sounds good plugged or unplugged; even better, most modern ones have wireless systems built into the body.

    You sure thats a strong enough fix at the neck to body? I can see a tendancy to flex. How about adding a video so we can hear what it sounds like?

    OMG HELP! I can't remember where i put my parts! I can't see 'em! HELP!


    Baie cool. Waar kry mens lug vir die soort kitaar?

    1 reply

    Dit moet op die kop van die kitaar op die rug van die liggaam.

    p.s. that was from google translator so I can't be sure what it says.

    hey umm mine is an electric and i forgot where i put my air amp and my jack im also not sure if im holding my air pick the right way.... S.O.S.