Little boys dream of owning a BB gun, but many parents believe they are too dangerous. Airsoft BB guns have ammunition that causes little harm, but they can be expensive. Follow the steps below to create an airsoft BB gun out of a Nerf gun to save money and keep your little man safer.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:

  • Nerf gun
  • Nerf dart
  • Scissors
  • tape
  • Airsoft BBs
  1. Cut the tip off of a Nerf dart to form a tube. With extended use, these darts may show wear, so consider preparing more than one tube for your homemade airsoft BB gun.

  2. Wrap the dart tube with enough tape that it fits snugly into the barrel of the Nerf gun.

  3. Locate the air restriction mechanism in the Nerf gun and remove it if you desire longer range from your homemade airsoft BB gun.

  4. Place the dart tube in the barrel of the Nerf gun. Leave approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches of the dart sticking out of the barrel of the Nerf gun.

  5. Load your new airsoft BB gun by pouring some airsoft BBS down the newly formed barrel of the Nerf gun.

  6. Pull back the cocking mechanism on the Nerf gun and shoot.

wow it works i hade little faith but now much
i wonder if you can take it to a battle and did i mention some people want them because they look cool
yes good suggestion
do you recon the lonkstrik sc-6 iz best <br>
the one with lots of attachments is powerful(i forgot name)
umm, the recon?
what does the air restriction mechanism look like? <br>i just want a general idea of what to look for.
hi <br>
erm... <br>hello.
/Akward moment/
nice gun
nice pic
thanks you like mario 2 <br>
yah I do especially the galaxy series.
so do i i have all mario games ever made
when you look down the barrel its the stick like thing and the part behind it<br>
In most guns it looks like an orange piece with 3 sticks coming out of it. It usually has a small spring right behind it too.
I assume you're talking about a Nitefinder, not the Vulcan?
I'll be making a Vulcan airsoft gun soon....
thank you<br>
Im thinking about making airsoft sniper from longshot, help and comments please
umm... ow!
Please check already posted instructables! This has been done many times before!
your welcome<br>

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