Step 2: Fit the Lamp

Picture of Fit the Lamp
I removed the weather shield/shade from the lamp and was left with a fitting that resembled a standard room light. I then unscrewed the light fitting from the cable to measure a hole to insert the light fitting through.

I made a small hole, and then gradually enlarged the hole until the fitting could just about fit through with a push. The last thing you want to do is create a hole that is too big, so cut-and-check until you get the right size.

The lamp was then fitted and the the cable end was screwed back on to hold it in place. For a safety measure, I also put the bulb cage back on that came with the lamp – hopefully this will stop the bulb from touching the cardboard and possibly causing a fire.
vov353 years ago
It should be mentioned that this should only be done with flourescent and LED bulb types. An incandescent ("traditional") light bulb will simply get too hot and burn the cardboard box.