Introduction: How to Make an Amimated Spray.

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*For this instructable I will be assuming you have watched my YouTube video on how to make sprays*
* A video will be made soon. most likely next weekend (June 1 - 6)*

The first thing you will need to do is get the frames you plan on using for your animation.  You can make the frames your self or pull them from a .gif image that you got from some place on the internet (or made your self).  you could also take screen shots of a video and use that.

     If you are going to use a .gif image it will need to be cropped or re-sized to ether 256x256 or 512x512

     I am going to show you how to pull frames from a .gif image. 

Step 1: Open the .gif

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- start by opening the .gif file in gimp. (Photoshop works as well).  mine is called anim.gif

Step 2: Frames Are Layers

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You will find all of the frames of the animation in the layers tab.  at the moment I do not know how to add transparency to the frames.

Step 3: Export the Frames

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- Export the frames one by one by hiding all the frames above the layer you would like to export.
- keep all the layers below it visible
- Export it with a file name like "[FILE NAME]_[FRAME #].png"

Step 4: Frames

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once you have all your frames as separate files you are ready to make the spray.

Step 5: Start VTFEdit

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- Open VTFEdit and import your frames

*continues in next step

Step 6: Import Frames

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- Import all of your frames by selecting all of them and clicking open.

Step 7: Set VTFEdit

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You will be prompted with a menu.
- Set to version 7.4

Step 8: Check File Size and Export

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Check that your spray is  small enough to be imported into your game.
The spray size will need to be smaller then 256kb or 512kb
TeamFortress2 allowed the larger file size.  some source mods however only work with 256kb images.

- export the spray normally.

* A video will be made soon. most likely next weekend (may 24 - 26)*


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