Threadbanger has been flooded with questions of what to do with old jeans, here is one concoction that won't leave you messy in the kitchen! On this episode of Decor it Yourself, Meg shows us how to make an apron out of an old pair of jeans. For more information and live-action details, check out the video! For more ideas and tutorials like this, subscribe to Threadheads on iTunes!!

Old Jeans
Sewing Machine/Hand Sewing Supplies
Scrap pieces of fabric

Step 1: Cut your Apron Piece out of the Jeans

Lay the jeans on a flat surface and cut a straight line from the crotch to one leg.

Cut along the side seam and open the leg up. You now have your piece to work with.

Hold it up to yourself to set what length you would like it. Cut off the excess from the top, leaving about 1 inch extra.

this Gove me a few ideas for a modified males version. I know what I'm doing this weekend :D
This is such an awesome idea for some jeans I just had the zipper break in. Except I think I want to try cupcakes instead of bacon and eggs. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!!
By far the best apron from jeans idea. I love your idea for eggs and bacon. Thank you for this.
I just ripped my favourite jeans and I did not want to make a purse-so this perfect!! Thank you so much.
I like it. Been wondering what to do with all thos old jeans laying around.

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