Step 4: Add Appliqued Decorations

Let's add an applique! We made bacon and eggs out of leftover felt and fabrics. Cut out your design. Place the applique onto your apron, pin it down, and sew it down with a top stitch around each shape.
this Gove me a few ideas for a modified males version. I know what I'm doing this weekend :D
This is such an awesome idea for some jeans I just had the zipper break in. Except I think I want to try cupcakes instead of bacon and eggs. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!!
By far the best apron from jeans idea. I love your idea for eggs and bacon. Thank you for this.
I just ripped my favourite jeans and I did not want to make a purse-so this perfect!! Thank you so much.
I like it. Been wondering what to do with all thos old jeans laying around.

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