Step 11:

Lay it folded edge up and place some pencils where they will fit in the pocket.   
It was hard. Lol
WOW I love it, it is really cool and great if you love to draw and go out... it fits in my purse.. thank you for sharing... I absolutely love it? i also added some lace to the inside. it makes it really pretty
I love this idea!!
Wow! This is so creative!
This is the best idea I have seen on instructables so far! Also, it looks like it won't be too difficult to make each kid their own personalized <a href="http://www.spiceboxbooks.com/products/1/adult-art-kits/" rel="nofollow">art kits</a> to take with us on vacation. Long car trips are the perfect opportunity to have an excuse to make something cute like this. Thanks for all the instructions, great job!
So cool and convenient. I'm chomping at the bit to make one of these now! Great idea!
Very clever
Very cool!
this is a GREAT idea ! I keep drawing supplies in each of my vehicles, a wire bound book of index cards and mechanical pencil at the minimum but I could clip this to the sunvisor and not have to search the glove box !
Thank you!

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