I will teach you how to make a basic Auto-Hacking USB Drive. There are probably many different variationsof this. I will be showing you the most basic.

You need two things:
1) A USB Drive devoted to this
2) The programs and files that I will show you how to make or where to get. If you have trouble making the two files that I show you how to create, they can be downloaded at the end of the Instructable.


Step 1: A Brief Explanation

OK. If you are looking for an Instructable that will teach you how to hack the Pentagon with a 2GB USB Drive, look somewhere else. This Instructable uses a batch file, an autorun file, and downloaded programs.
<p>I cannot dowanload Autohax0r Files.Zip. is there any other alternative link??</p>
<p>dose this work on apple </p>
<p>Does this work in Windows 10?</p>
<p>You made a whery nice tutorial, just saying. :)</p><p>But i have one question:<br>Dos the autorun file work on aple to?<br>Couse in my school we have almost only aple computers...... :/</p><p>{i dont like aple anyways}</p>
<p>Hey maybe you should focus on learning the english language at school and not try to hack a computer...</p>
Hahah i agree
can I ask you a simple question I have bought a joblot of pc's all are password protected they are supposed to be bios passworded and windows passworded would this get me passed both so I can deactivate the passwords then use normally thanx
<p>To get past the BIOS password, look up the manual to the computers (if branded models) or the motherboard (if custom built) and check to see if there is a procedure for clearing the BIOS password. If all else fails, switch the jumper by the CMOS battery, remove the batter, count to 20, put the batter back and put the jumper back where it belongs. Hope that helps.</p>
<p>that's great thanx very much </p>
I can't seem to hack a laptop with this. Could you please elaborate where I probably went wrong? I downloaded the files at the end, and I also downloaded the applications, but I don't know where the app data is.
<p>Great tutorial, but Ihave one question:</p><ol><br><li>If I create the exe, and open it un the attaceked computer, do I need to sabe the exe un the v&iacute;ctimas to computer, or is it enough with opening the exe?<li>Afer using metaxploit, as I am waiting for the v&iacute;ctim to open the exe, can I turn off the attcker computer where I am running Kali Linux? I will I lopse the attaceked?Could I sabe it somehow? Afer the vict opems the exe, if he turns off the v&iacute;ctimas computer, will I lopse the attack?<li>If I can enter a USB in teh v&iacute;ctimas computer, is creating a backdoor the easiest Way to access his computer, or is there any other easier Way?</ol><p>Thank you for your help!</p>
The autorun inf file u made wont work in win 7 os<br><br>Please give an alternative <br>For win 7os
<p>what do I put the action as?</p>
<p>hey rossy_isabella how you doing what hacks does cyberblackhatinfiltrator do i mean what kind of hacks does he do and would he hack the systems of the scammers who ripped me off? basically i want him to hack them and get everything off there computers and destroy there hard drives or servers </p>
thank you i am now a more powerful hacker yet
Hi how do I learn hacking? Please teach me

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