Picture of How to Make an Auto-Hacking USB Drive
I will teach you how to make a basic Auto-Hacking USB Drive. There are probably many different variationsof this. I will be showing you the most basic.

You need two things:
1) A USB Drive devoted to this
2) The programs and files that I will show you how to make or where to get. If you have trouble making the two files that I show you how to create, they can be downloaded at the end of the Instructable.

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Step 1: A Brief Explanation

Picture of A Brief Explanation
OK. If you are looking for an Instructable that will teach you how to hack the Pentagon with a 2GB USB Drive, look somewhere else. This Instructable uses a batch file, an autorun file, and downloaded programs.

Step 2: The Autorun File

Picture of The Autorun File
Autorun save.bmp
Autorun with icon saved.bmp
So. Here we go. We will start with the Autorun file.

This file is the one that makes the pop-up window when you plug in the USB Drive. You can use this on any USB Drive, even if it has U3 on it.

Open Notepad (I'm using Notepad++) and type the following:

label=(Name you want the drive to have)
icon=(Icon file).ico
open=(Batch file we will make later).bat
action=(What you want the action to be)

MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TYPE THE ()'s! Where it says (autorun), replace the parentheses with brackets (the buttons to the right of the "p" key on the keyboard. USE THE BOTTOM BRACKETS, NOT THE TWISTY FRENCH BRACKETS!)

Save this file as Autorun.inf

Make sure that you save it immediately inside your USB Drive, not inside any sub-folders (My Computer, Autohax0r).

Also, I have used an icon (an .ico file), so the USB Drive will have a different picture than the boring standard picture. To get one of these, I advise going to to get an .ico file (you have to specifically download it as .ico). If you do this, save the icon in the same place as the Autorun file.
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What's the file name of this? i'm on step 5

Mr.ChileVerde3 months ago

I need a program where i can plug in a usb flash drive that will give me access to a pcs files

If they don't have good antivirus software, you can use a crypted RAT. Just make the autorun open the RAT infected file when you plug it in. Once you do that just have your RAT ready to control the PC from home. I suggest using BlackShades or DarkComet. But any RAT will do.

NicoleC61 month ago

is this untracable

kwebber3214 years ago
so can i play half life 1 at school with this method?
HAHAHA lol i was thinking the same thing just that mine was hacking the school internet to play games or something. But i guess not
bowmaster bliu13 years ago
You can get the internet passwords then change the settings so you can play games.
to play games at school, type httpS::// before the website. it will most of the time bypass the server and goto the site if the site is supported .

I highly doubt that works but i do know something that i can almost garentee shoudl. it takes a lot of work (i am still in the process) but set up a vpn server and then use the wifi to acces the vpn at school viola! any games/ social networks you want! I think...

You can type after a site name and easily bypass any website blocking.

Example: (if google was blocked for some reason)


I know this is a really ole post but the simplest way to bypass all that rigamarole would be to make a boOtaable UsB Tails OS and boot backup the computer. run TOR and its a Done Deal play on any website or internet game totally anonymous!!

Want to play online games at your school? If you run them through a website you can access the websites via use of an android phone (rooted) and using the app 'dsploit'. You can do many more things with 'dsploit' too!

Or if you want to create your own custom software, I'm sure you can find access a tutorial somewhere... meh he he...

BrianO25 months ago

hi the Autohax0r Downlowd isnt working could you please update that

FogJoseph19845 months ago

I've found very good software , best version I downloaded from

rossepstein7 months ago

Hey this method no longer works because Autorun.inf doesn't work on USB drives but I made one that does work if you want to try it out.

nbennett21 year ago

i need computer hacking help, so could anyone experienced in this field that sees this message me

-chase-1 year ago

It's cute, and fun at times to watch the kiddies play...

- sorry that just came out. I did look it over - it is a nice Instuctable.

But it does make me chuckle. It's just so, kiddie. at what this is geared for.

Well, have fun... and I'm sure the kiddies are happy you shared.

I am confused about what I should enter for "action=" on the autorun file... any help?
Hey, I made this account solely for this comment xD. Let me start off by saying, nice instructable, your directions were clear and the pictures were helpful. Unfortnately I have a very limited computer on what I can download but is there anyway I could store my results onto my flashdrive so I can check it when I get home? IUnfortunately I don't have pwdump..
thank you i am now a more powerful hacker yet
MyNameXsh2 years ago
If youhave Anitivirus software that wont let you download from Nirsoft, click on its icon on the bottom right of your computer and it shuld have controlls where you can turn off antivirus and antispyware to download it.
So if I plug this into my computer my computer. Will my computer be unlocked if it has just the basic security?
what gets hacked??? im confused. and does it work for windows 7?????
My Computer says it can't download stuff from nirsoft
ctopher23 years ago
hmm... the only problem with this is that these programs, or at least SniffPass since thats all iv tried so far.. will load on the screen, instead in the background for the victim not to see... so thats lame, but still a cool post

zillikai3 years ago
where can i download autohax0r?
TH10103 years ago
when i plug in the usb drive auto play comes up but i dont have an option to run autohax0r. only a option to view files. please help
See if I still have an MSWindows machine to try this on, It probably would not as is work on linux.
nwilliamson4 years ago
so if we do not have TermX on the computers we will be using, we do not need that command line?
bliu14 years ago
does it need to be word for word? and also do we need to install termx or winvnc?
rockpig574 years ago
I just get the import photos thing and open folders and speed up your system and im on vista, please help
HoodedHound4 years ago
If I plug the usb back again the screen that pops up only says things about "import pictures" and "Open folders to view". I can't get an option to let the programs do their work. Maybe because I have a Windows 7 computer. Please help me
I have a windows 7 computer and mine works. you have to open up the folder and run the auto run.
Crazy Leprecaun (author)  HoodedHound4 years ago
I'm not totally sure, but I think that Microsoft may have disabled the autorun feature for Windows 7. I wrote this for XP and Vista, and I use Ubuntu Linux now, so I don't know much about Windows 7. Sorry.
I see. It runs just fine on my Vista computer. :) Anyway, thanks for the awesome tutorial!
yeah i use ubuntu linux now as well. it's great. ow and by the way great tutorial
scohn4 years ago
It would be dope if you could put up the exact files you used. So that people could just download it and put it on a USB. Other than that, awesome instructable.
theknight6 years ago
Thank You so much for this instructable! It has vastly furthered my knowledge on the subject of batch files! (now encorperating .inf files). And it's a great thing to have some fun with!
Oh and also can I request an instructable on INF language, cause i'm really intrigued now! Thanks TheKnight
Crazy Leprecaun (author)  theknight6 years ago
Well, I won't guarantee anything, but I'll try to have one out by Christmas. Thanks for the idea. Glad I could help.
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