How to Make an Automatic Night Light





Introduction: How to Make an Automatic Night Light

Automatic night light is a device with turns on light when there is darkness in the surrounding.

Its a portable version of automatic street lights. In this I used LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) which varies resistance with respect to light intensity.

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Now I am going to instruct how to make an Automatic Night Light with less number of components.
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Step 1: Components Required

LDR -1 ebay / Amazon

Resistor - 10k (x1)

Transistor - BC547 (x1) ebay / Amazon

9V Battery and Snap - 1

PCB -1 ebay / Amazon

LED -2

Step 2: Circuting

Place all components on PCB according to Circuit given above.

Note: adding a resistor of 330 ohms in series with led improves the lifetime of led.

Now solder all components.

Now solder 9V battery snap at respective terminals.

Place a piece of double sided tape on snap and stick the pcb to it.

Now connect battery to it.

For simulation fritzing file is attached

Step 3: Circuit Construction and Testing

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    2 Questions

    How can i do if i want that to operate much Watt. I want too much Watt the output .

    You must use relay.

    importance of automatic night light?


    I see you didn't use any current limiting resistor in series with the LED(s) and the transistor. When the transistor is turned on, the current will flow through the LEDs without any current limiting. I suspect they won't last long. I would install at least a 330 ohm resister for one LED and at least a 160 ohm resister for two LEDs. JMHO

    Thank you for improving this Instructable.