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This is an amazing DIY project and it's called Automatic Scissor. In this video I've shown how to make this automatic working scissor with step by step process. This automatic scissor works very fine and and its fascinating to watch this scissor work. After watching this video you can make your own "Automatic Scissor", and you will be able to cut anything without any effort. Here we can even control the speed of the scissor if required.

Step 1: Materials Used

1.Wooden Pieces

2. Scissor

3. One DC Geared Motor

4. 12V, 1A Adapter

5. One Switch

6. Potentiometer to adjust the speed

7. Power Socket

Watch the full instruction in the video and learn how to make your own automatic working scissor.


Yonatan24 (author)2016-09-12

Step by step? I see 1

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