Make a creepy robot plaster mask... without using Vaseline! Pose as a mannequin in shop windows, or hide in a closet and scare your friends.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need for this project:

Plaster cloth roll
Aluminum Foil
Toilet Paper
Glue (Elmer's)
Duct Tape
Your vision is impaired. You cannot see. Your vision is impaired. You cannot see. (+5 nonexistant points if you get the reference) How are you supposed to get around? Echolocation is neat but it doesn't tell you when you're about to bust an ankle.
Poke lil' holes out! Just make sure your out of the mask when you poke the holes.... I remember reading something like that from one of Kiteman's ibles.
sounds like kiteman. I wonder if it would be possible to make holes or something but keep them invisible. Things without eyes are so much more fun.
except when youre the one without them... i think, I wouldnt know too much on that.... Maybe some kind of chrome tinted plexiglass?
there's a thought. A light dusting of silver spraypaint over plexiglass. It would be foggy but usable. Or to really simplify things, make the mask black and use inverted overtinted sunglass lenses.
a 'grille' of pinholes in a single sheet of aluminum foil over an eye-sized hole. would look the same, but be transparent... mount the holie-foil on a circle of plastic from a clear plastic bottle, or some plexi...
it's avant-garde, you don't have to see! but i guess you could poke little holes out.

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