How to Make an Awesome Design (Using Paint and Adobe Photoshop)

Picture of How to Make an Awesome Design (Using Paint and Adobe Photoshop)
On this Instructable, I will be showing you how to draw an awesome design on Paint (or any other program that you use to draw on your computer), and Adobe Photoshop. I came up with this idea from a story I am writing. There was a certain design that I wanted to create and so I experimented until I got the technique that I wanted down pat. I have made about 25 of these and I will show you some at the end of this Instructable.
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Step 1: The Basic Form

Picture of The Basic Form
Design 2.JPG
Design 3.JPG
First, make a quick sketch of what you want your design to be like. For this, I drew a tree. But you can really make anything you'd like, an animal, scribbles, or whatever else you'd like.

Step 2: Adding a Gem or Two

Picture of Adding a Gem or Two
Design 5.JPG
Design 6.JPG
Design 7.JPG
Design 8.JPG
Design 9.JPG
Design 10.JPG
I like to add gems to the design, it looks really cool.  First, make a circle in the middle of the design with the "circle" tool. You don't have to make a circle, you can use any shape you'd like. I chose the color red for a ruby. Next, fill that in with the same color. Now take the color that you are using and make it a slightly lighter color. Take the "curve" tool and make a curved line going from the top to the bottom of the shape. Do the same to the sides of the shape as shown in the picture. I like to have a few gems going around the main gem, so for diamonds (that is what I made anyways), take the shape that you want (I used a rounded rectangle) and put one on the top of you main gem. Next, take the "polygon" tool and go around making the same shape connecting to the first all around the main gem as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Selecting and Copying the Image

Picture of Selecting and Copying the Image
Next, select the entire design and copy it.

Step 4: Photoshop

Picture of Photoshop
Design 13.JPG
If your Photoshop is not open, do so. Go to file, new, then Image from Clipboard. It should come up with the selected image from the program that you drew it on.
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Cool, thank you for sharing.