Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Pumpkin

One of the most fun parts about halloween is looking and carving all the pumpkins. My favorites are the funny ones. The one I carved this year is one of those. Now I can show you how to make one too.

Step 1: Materials

Stuff you need:

Step 2: Faces and Guts

Draw your face onto the pumpkin with the sharpie or pencil. You can also print a stencil and stick it to the pumpkin. Then use a nail to poke many holes along the lines of your stencil.

Take your knife and stick it into the top and carve a circle with a small square in one end(see pic).
Pull Your knife out and pull the stem to pull off the top. Slice all guts off with knife.

Step 3: Get Messy

Take a spoon or something and scrape out all of the guts inside the pumpkin and put it onto the newspaper.

Step 4: The Fun Part

Take your knife and start carving the face. Try to cut out all the sharpie so it makes it look nicer.

Step 5: Saftey

When working with knives, be carful! You don't want this to happen.

Step 6: Finishing Touches...

Try to dump out any guts that didn't make it out. Also cut away jagged edges.

Have fun wih your brand new jack-o-lantern!


happyjo (author)2010-10-05

love it!

Marsanni (author)2010-05-27

i did this with the pumpkin glop form 23 pumpkins (what can I say, i love Jack-o-Lanterns) feeding into this guy by a pipe and tank so every 30 seconds a bit of goop dripped off my windowsill from his mouth. also try adding a bit of water.

carlos66ba (author)2009-10-26

Awesome!  Very gross, perfect for Halloween. 

schoonovermr (author)carlos66ba2009-10-26


Peekadosies (author)2009-10-26

hmmm... I did this last year for halloween...
Where did you get this idea again?

schoonovermr (author)Peekadosies2009-10-26

i was looking for ideas and i came across this. i modified it to make it my own.

Emsaid (author)2009-10-25

Dang, thats pretty cool, wish id thought of it

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