This little tute is about making a great little bag from one piece of fabric. The bags featured are made from viscose (lined) , wool blend Melton, vintage Japanese kimono fabric and vintage Japanese kimono fabric (lined).

Of course you could use up scraps an make a patchwork version. As long as your starting piece of fabric is 3 times longer than it is wide, then do what you like!

Step 1: Gather What You Need

Now I've used a sewing machine to make this bag, but you could sew it by hand if you don't have a machine or you have better hand sewing skills than I do. For strength and durability a sewing machine is recommended.

1. Fabric. Your piece of fabric must be 3 times longer than it is wide. This can any kind of fabric although bear in mind the thicker it is the harder it is to sew through a few layers. The red bag featured is actually made out of a scrap of Italian Melton wool which is 520gsm. This is a great project for using Japanese kimono silk. It makes a really elegant evening bag which isn't too large. The fabric in the picture is as I bought it. 140cm wide by 1m long. I cut it so it was 46cm long by 140cm.

2. Lining fabric (optional) . If you would like to line your bag (recommended for very thin or drapery fabrics) then a piece of your chosen lining the same dimensions as your main fabric. There are two ways to line this bag, I will explain both, but only one technique is demonstrated.

3. Sewing machine/ sewing thread and needle.

4. Pins/ mini clamps

5. Scissors

<p>beautiful bag!</p>
<p>I made one of these a few years ago. I think I would use it more if I had lined it. I did not know that the design was Japanese.</p>
<p>Yes, being lined does make a difference to the usability. Like a number of Japanese ideas, this follows a beautifully simple folding process.</p>
<p>lined makes it stronger, fewer things poking through the fabric and possibly tearing, greater choice of fabrics since durability is less of a concern, just to start with</p>

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