How to Make an EMP Jammer





Introduction: How to Make an EMP Jammer

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. Such a pulse may occur in the form of a radiated electric or magnetic field or conducted electrical current depending on the source. EMP Jammer is a device capable of generating a transient electromagnetic disturbance that radiates outward from its epicenter, disrupting electronic devices.For more information about EMP jammer check this out.

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Now I am going to instruct how to make an EMP Jammer with less number of components.

Let's Get Started...

Step 1: Components Required

Old bug zapper - 1 [Banggood]

Old Adapter Case - 1

Switch -1 [Banggood]

Hookup wire - 50cm.

Double Sided tape

Step 2: Circuiting

1. Take out the circuit out of the mosquito zapper.

2. Make a coil of 3-4 turns of hookup wire.

3. Solder one wire of coil to the anyone terminal of capacitor at output.

4. Glue another wire of coil near the another terminal of the capacitor at a distance of 2 mm or less than it.This is to create a spark gap.

5. Solder wire to circuit activating switch to extend the switch out of the case.

6. Place the circuit in the case carefully and turn on the circuit and close the case.

7. Apply glue on the case then fix the switch and solder activating switch extending wire to it.

8. Now apply a piece double sided tape to case and fix the battery.

Here the circuit construction completed.

For detailed construction check the video below.

Note : While using this device, keep your electronic devices away , because it may damage you device. I will not recommended to use it. I made this for educational purpose only.

Keep this device away from people who were installed with pacemaker,stunts.

Usage of this kind of devices is not allowed in some countries, make sure your countries policies before making this device.

Step 3: Construction and Testing

Feel free to comment.

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    Your readers may be interested that in the US using this is a federal offense enforced by the fcc. The fine can be up to several tens of thousands of dollars. That assumes that homeland security doesn't decide that your planning terrorist. If your not in the USA check your government regulations (most have similar laws).

    Thanks for your info, I updated in instructable.

    Monetary Penalties Can Exceed $100,000
    per violation. Violations of the jamming prohibition can lead to
    substantial monetary penalties (up to $122,500 for any single act),
    seizure of the illegal jammer, and criminal sanctions including

    what kind of things this jammer can do?

    how to prevent this high voltage emp

    can you give me the length, width and height of the adapter case. thank you!

    What factors are involved in the design of the coil? For example, why did you choose the number of turns that you did? Why that diameter?

    There is almost no reason this should be made. Unless it's educational please do not make one of these.

    I am just curious to know and was wanting to ask a question. Places like libraries, schools and cinemas have jammers that block signals from cell phones. If there is a security alarm in a library that is cellular based and a thief decides to break in, wont the jammer prevent the alarms signal from sending?