In this tutorial,I am going to show you how to make an easy peasy birthday card for your friends,family or anyone.

So lets get started!

Step 1: Materials You'll Need:

(1) A heavy paper,

I am taking 180 gsm paper but you can take any weight

(2) A colour paper

(3) Embroidery floss

(4) Scisccors

(5) Colour pencils OR pens

(6) Stickers for decorating

(7) Ruler

(8) Pencil

Step 2: Starting

Fold the white paper once.

Make sure the paper is square shape.

Step 3: Making the Baloons

First of all,cut out a piece from the colour paper and make a baloon using the perpendicular.

Then cut out a triangle shape and stick it on the circle.

Take embroidery floss and roll them around the small triangle which is joint with the baloon and stick the embroidery floss.

Step 4: Stick the Baloons

Take a piece of heavy paper and fold it two times.It should give a shape like "W".

Then stick the piece of paper on the baloon.

Now stick the piece of paper on the paper.

Do the same to the other baloons.

Step 5: Write Alot of Messages

Write alot of messages on the card.

Step 6: Stick Stickers

Stick aloooooot of stickers on the card so the card will look good.

Step 7: Done!!!


I hope you guys liked the card and the tutorial.

Please comment down below.


Step 8:

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