Picture of How to Make an Easy Lego Robot
This will show you how to make quick, simple Lego robots. *Note:* This isn't technically a robot, since it can't move on its own.
You will need:
- All the Legos in the second picture
- Your imagination

Step 1: Starting the Body

Picture of Starting the Body
Stick these bricks together like in the picture.
ASH98102 months ago

cool but i dont have the peices

Cam918 (author) 4 years ago
Let me know if I should do more Lego instructables.
Sure, but take better photos next time.
vbrown53 years ago
YES!!! My grandsons (& my son!) LOVE to make stuff outa Leggos! I think Johnny is in his 2nd childhood; we couldn't afford Leggos back then! I'm so happy he's getting to enjoy it now with his sons! :o) So by all means, forward more ideas that will get his already very active imagination fired up even more! You should hear him converse! What an intelligence! :o)