Picture of How to Make an Easy Origami Bookmark
Tired of always losing your page? Do your normal bookmarks always fall out? Try this! Chances are you already have everything you need, and they're fun to make, too.


An index card or an index card sized piece of paper

Markers, stickers,photos, etc. to decorate with

Step 1: Fold and Tape

Picture of Fold and Tape
Fold the piece of paper in half and unfold. Fold the top edges to the center, creating a triangle. Tape in place. Cut off excess paper at the bottom.
josefu05 years ago
 Check out mine. No tape require and does the same. It dons't fall out of the book when dropped. 

how do you make it

laaha josefu04 years ago
It's cool how it's folded but I think I would prefer this version in new books because yours is a little thick.


lhichi1 year ago

easiest bookmark ever

KittyF3 years ago
Reminds me of a trick my mom taught me about 50 years ago. take an old envelope, colored or plain. cut off the corner about an inch and a half from the actual corner, forming a triangle. slip the corner over the corner of your page.

Decorating before using is a fun idea. I like it. LOL KItty
jglee14 years ago
this is cool! :)
brainiac1205 years ago

This instructable is juct what I was looking for!And I really hate when bookmarks fall out.Great idea!

cutting is cheating!!!! >:(


cupcake811 (author)  DarkesteFyre5 years ago
The "origami" isn't that strict...
BWP5 years ago
Quick & simple or as fancy as you like ... nice one :o)

Thanks for sharing :o)