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Introduction: How to Make an Easy to Use Tape Dispenser

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If you ever need to wrap a package or box for mailing or make a box for a special project, you need to have tape handy. Especially helpful when wrapping gifts at Christmas time or other holidays. I came up with this idea to be able to use only one hand, tear off what I needed and hold the project with the other hand. Tape is easily added or removed, and the whole thing is easily stored as it is held in place by a c-clamp or other clamp of choice.

Step 1: Parts You Need to Make This

There are 5 pieces of wood used in this project. I cut down a two by four that I salavaged.
1. Base: 3/4 inch pine, 7 1/4 x 11 inches.
2. Two uprights: pieces of 2x4; 2.5x2.5x1.5inches.
3. One crossbar: 2 1/2 x 10 x 1 1/2inch.
4. Tape cutting mount, 2 1/2 x 6 1/4 x 1 1/2inch.

Total= 5 pieces

Two bolts with nuts are needed: 5/16 x4 1/2 bolts with nuts and 2 washers each.

One piece of hacksaw blade, cut or broken to fit the tape cutting mount.

Step 2: Drill Holes in Wood Pieces

The holes are drilled in the two uprights to hold the crossbar with tape in place. Drill the crossbar, uprights and base at the same time so that there is no alignment problem later on. Using a long 3/8 inch bit does the trick.

Also, drill three holes in the hack saw blade to be able to attach it to the cutting block. (Use a 3/32 in bit for these short screws). Three holes are drilled in the botton of the base and into the cutter mounting block. Use a 1/8 inch bit for this step.

Step 3: Attach Hacksaw Blade to Cutting Block

Self explanatory, see picture and image notes.

Step 4: Add Your Tape to Crossarm

Choose the tape you want for whatever job you are doing. I make boxes and wrap them sometimes, so have used the tape shown.

Step 5: To Use, Clamp Dispenser to Your Work Bench or Table.

When clamped in position, only one hand is needed to pull of the tape you need while holding your project with your other hand. When done, dispenser can be removed and stored out of the way.

Step 6: See Instructable for New Dispenser!



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    nice and clean ible, thx much!
    some time ago i recycled a wooden toilet-paper roll holder after our bathroom was renovated. but now i've switched to a longer paper towel holder for all kinds of tapes. reused the serrated long blade from a plastic wrap dispenser i had saved once, before discarding the empty box!

    Nice job, I just posted a similar contraption without seeing this one first... I guess we both had the bright idea of finding a new use for old jigsaw blades. Yours looks significantly easier for people who don't have a lot of tools, in particular a router.

    I made something similar some years ago. After renovating some bathroom fixtures, I took the leftover chrome toilet tissue roller and mounted it to a small slab of 3/4" plywood for holding holiday ribbon rolls. It makes it easy to remove or add new or spent rolls of ribbon, but it doesn't have a cutting strip. After seeing your nifty gadget, I'm thinking I should add some sort of cutter, like maybe one of those cheap, small plastic slide cutters for trimming photos (which I already have,) or perhaps cut a small section off one of my self-healing mats, attach that and store it all together with a rotary cutter or exacto-blade. I added a photo of it. The spacers are donut-cut foam sheet.

    But, I think now I'll have to make one like yours for tape rolls, too! This one will have the cutting mount, tho. I may pick up a couple cheap TP rollers for starters, and maybe mount the arms farther apart, then use a trimmed down spring tension curtain rod instead of the usual rollers. I have to say I like the idea of using PVC pipe, since tape rolls have the larger holes. Two holes could be drilled at each end opposite each other and long screws added atop the 2 supports, sticking up. The pipe could then be easily slid on and off over the screws. Cut off the screw heads, and a wingnut could be added to secure the pipe as well. Big thanks for sharing your idea. Works for me!

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    Thanks for your comments, and especially for posting the picture...saves a lot of time and makes you organized, right?

    Organized. Yeah, right. I'm one of those who instantly understands how to 'make' organization better but is terrible at 'implementation'!!! I mean, look at how the supports aren't even centered. And now having noticed that, it's driving me nuts! I may have to turn the plywood over and remake the whole thing. Yours truly, OCD. LOL.

    I just finished making it for our machine shop at work, thanks for the idea!

    Tape Dispenser.jpg
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    Good work guyzo35! thanks for posting the picture, makes it worthwhile to do these things. How's the duct tape work with this? It is so damn hard to pull off, I've pondered how to make a dispenser for that...I'd pull the workbench over if it wasn't secured! I have thought of drilling holes in the base and attaching it with bolts instead of the clamp....same solution, different approach! Cman

    I put the clamp on the corner closest to the duct tape roll, to reduce the torque, so it works pretty well. A second clamp would do the trick, but the bolts would save you the two clamps with relatively little hassle.

    Weird. I made a multiple tape dispenser, searched on Google for something similar and came across this. I thought I was the first to think of a hacksaw blade but you beat me to it.
    I use a piece of PP pipe that fits the inner rings of the tape. A wooden plug in each end, each rolling on a bended piece of stainless steel plate that I found.
    Only downside I can think about is that hacksaw blades are only sharp in one direction, to allow cutting when the hacksaw it pulled forward on an object. This would mean that you're limited to pinching the tape on an angle to get it off.

    Might be a bit unrelated but anyway...

    My friend has a saying that goes with the two tools in his mountain-biker's toolkit: if it moves when it shouldnt, use duct tape but if it doesnt move when it should, use WD-40. Maybe someone could make a gun that combines the two and instantyl fixes anything?


    What! No duct tape on that dispenser! I'm going to make a big huck-a-lukka dispenser to hold massive amounts of mans best friend "Duct Tape!"

    Not sure how well it would work, but I wonder if a possible alternative to a hacksaw blade could be the serrated strip of metal from a used box of aluminum foil.

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    Sure it would work! I just wanted the strength of a hacksaw blade so that it would last. Cman

    Great idea! I'm going to have to try this! Also, that hacksaw blade is an ingenious idea!!! Keep up the great work!!

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    is that a buck bros hacksaw blade I see?

    The hacksaw blade is absolutely genius. Good work

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    You think? thanks for the compliment. Cman

    Very useful! I'm going to make one! Thanks! As an improvement, I will use spacers between the rolls to keep them from rolling together and to separate the strips to provide clearance for the fingers to pull up the tape cleanly. I LOVE TAPE.

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    Not a bad idea...thanks chico. Cman