In this instructable I am going to be showing you how to make an electric foundry for metal casting! This is one of the most complex and expensive projects I have ever made and it took so much of my time so I would really appreciate it if you could vote for it in the metals contest.

This video shows how to make version 1 of the foundry. This version had no temperature control, no proper lid, no proper crucible and it was either turned on or off. Despite this it still works really well to melt aluminium!

After the success of version 1 I had to upgrade it more! So I created version 2 with PID temperature control where I can set the temperature to anything between 0 and 1000 Celsius! I also created a proper lid and leveling feet.

I also created my own custom steel crucible from scrap steel that I found in my shop.

Using this foundry I then melted down some scrap metal into some aluminium round stock that I could turn on my metal lathe.

I found that the temperature control on the foundry meant that it was perfect for heat treating small knives so I made a little whittling knife from a drill bit. I also used the foundry to cast an aluminium handle for the knife and I think that it turned out quite well.

I hope that you enjoyed the project!

<p>Is there any way to get this hotter and can you use ceramic fiber instead of firebrick?</p>
<p>Nice build. I would love one of these.but alas, I lack your DIY skills.</p><p>Thankyou for the inspiration though, I may take this along with basics from (https://www.instructables.com/id/Flowerpot-Furnace-a-Home-Foundry/) and make myself one :D</p>
<p>You are blatantly STEALING the art of weapon's content. It's ok if you make a similar project and make your own intractable, but really? EVERY single intstructable on your account is copied from his youtube. You disgust me</p>
<p>haha I am TAOW you melt</p>
<p>Neat! This one should be great to work with steel indoor, I think, however, an improvement may be done for heat treating knives to make, a horizontal crucible imbeded in to the forge, so that you do not touch the heating element with knives. Other than that - what is the power of this forge (how much electricity does it consume?)</p>
<p>Really good instructable, however i will probably not do it...</p><p>Reasons are I find hazardous the way you examine the way to get the sling resistance to the right length... Also the resistance WILL end up damaged after some time, now of course this is probably after a few years or something like that but still xD</p><p>Basically main problem is if it's only gonna melt aluminium i'd rather make something with charcoal tbh ^^</p><p>Of course that is only my opinion, and this is still an amazing project! Keep up the good work!</p>

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