In this Instructable, we will learn to make an Electric hand fan using two brushless DC motors, propellors and a switch. This device uses a single Li-Ion cell as power source and both the motors are connected in parallel.

Watch the video to visually see the procedure...

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Brushless DC Motors

2. Plastic sheet

3. An On/Off switch

4. Li-ion cell

Step 2: Procedure

1. Take a piece of electrical cable raceway.

2. Open it and cut the bigger portion to get a flat plastic strip.

3. Using a marker, draw a large peanut shape on the strip(refer to the video for details).

4. Cut the strip and make two exactly similar pieces.

5. Mark 2 points in the center of both the ends.

6. Drill a hole for the motor and drill a bigger hole for the switch in both the plastic pieces.

7. Using hot Glue, attach the motors and propellors to the plastic pieces.

Note: In this, we will be using a Li-Ion cell as the power source for the motors. So, we also need a Li-ion cell holder. You can also watch the video to make a Li-ion cell holder yourself at home.

8. Drill a hole on the top of the cell Holder and using the Push to ON switch, join all the pieces together.

9. Refer to the schematic and make connections between the cell holder, switch and the motors.

Our Electric hand fan is now ready.

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<p>Ahhh! Nice one. I have found newly created creative table fan made up with PVC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krY9CuX8CC8&amp;t=19s</p>

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