Step 5: Connecting everything together

Now it's time to fire up our soldering iron and start connecting everything together.

As you can see this step is a bit long with lots of text and pictures, but when you finish this step you should have your own working Metronome.

Make sure to check out all the image notes!

There are a lot of pictures in this step so on the right bottom of every one there is an image note that displays the number of the photo.

Lets get started ! ! !

* Take the 8-pin chip holder and place it on the board where you want to solder it and solder it. Note where the little curve is, it is important that you place the chip in the right direction. (pictures 1 and 2)

* Cut a small piece of wire, about 4cm and strip the insulation of the ends. (picture 3)

* Use the wire to connect pins 4 and 8 by soldering them. (pictures 4 and 5)

* Take another small piece of wire, also about 4cm with stripped ends and use it to connect pins 2 and 6 by soldering it. (picture 6 and 7)     (You should get something that looks like in picture 8)

* Use the 1K ohm resistor and solder it to pins 4 and 7. I soldered one end of the resistor to pin 4 directly and the other end I soldered to one end of the wire and ran the wire to pin 7.  (pictures 9, 10 and 11)

* Take the potentiometer and solder it to the board ( picture 12 ) The potentiometer runs from pin 7 to pin 6. Take small pieces of wire and use them to connect the pins from the potentiometer to the pins of the chip holder. (pictures 12, 13, 14 and 15 )

* Lets take our capacitor (picture 16) and solder its longer pin to pin 6 on the chip holder and its shorter pin via a wire to pin 1. (pictures 17, 18 and 19) (You should get something that looks like in picture 20)

* Take the 9V battery clip and solder the RED wire to pin 8 and the BLACK wire to pin 1.  (pictures 21and 22)

* Now it's time to mount our 2 LEDs. My LEDs are going to be on the top of the board so I am running a wire from pin 8 to the upper part of the board. (pictures 23 and 24)

* The next step is to solder the 1K resistor to the wire. (picture 25)

* Take the LED and put it so that you connect the end of the resistor to the longer, positive pin of the LED. (picture 26)

* Next step is to connect the negative, shorter end of the LED to pin 3 via a wire. Than to that same connection add a resistor. ( pictures 27 and 28)

* Add the second LED by connecting the longer, positive pin to the other end of the resistor and the shorter, negative pin to pin 1 of the chip holder via a wire. (pictures 29,30 and 31)

* Now lets take the second 22uF 16V capacitor and solder its longer, positive pin to the connection where the first LED and the second 1K resistor join. ( pictures 32 and 33). Leave the negative, shorter pin of the capacitor hanging for now. (picture 33)

* It's time to take the 8 Ohm speaker and solder 2 wires on each pin of the speaker. The wires should be about 10cm long. ( pictures 34, 35 and 36)

* Take the wire that is soldered to the negative pin of the speaker and solder it to pin 1 of the chip holder ; Take the wire that is soldered to the positive pin of the speaker and connect it to the negative pin of the capacitor that we left hanging. (pictures 37 and 38)

* Now that you have everything soldered together it is time to put in the LM555 timer chip. (pictures 39 and 40)

Lets move on to the next step and test our creation !

callwizard4 years ago
Thanks a lot for this tutorial...am a noob @ this electronic, still u made me understand how this has to be done.compared to other metronome tutorial this one is more understandable..but a small suggestion.you could have also added how to make this work using a switch...anyways thanks.
resol315 years ago
Is the third pin of the potentiometer ever used? -did I miss something?
gari svetli mi samo 1 dioda i do konstantno znaci ne treperi ili neki trip nego samo svetli i nista :P pomoc?
comodore (author)  stexmetalac075 years ago
Meni se jednom to desilo....metronom sam pravi puno puta.... i nikako nisam mogao da skontam u cemu je problem.......sve sam proverio...... na kraju sam odustao i napravio novi...
Proveri da ti kondenzatori stoje kako treba.... takodje proveri da nije 555 chip falican.....  to je to sto mogu da ti dam od saveta....
napravio Radi kao zmaj!Brzica 
comodore (author)  Guitar_slave5 years ago