In this Instructable, we will learn how to make a simple Electronic Rolling toy, an amazing toy for kids, very economical and awesome fun. This is an easy to make homemade toy with which kids get the feel of a new toy and love playing with it.

Watch the video to easily understand the procedure...

Step 1: Materials

1. A PVC Pipe (You can also use Cold Drink Can or a Bottle)

2. DC motor

3. Battery

4. Thin wooden Stick

5. Battery Connector

6. Electrical cable raceway or a Battery Holder.

Note: You can also watch the video to make a simple Battery holder at home.

Step 2: How to Make

1. Take a small piece of PVC pipe and a printed texture paper.

Note: You can download the texture at https://plus.google.com/photos/photo/1067748008162... and print it on A4 sheet.

2. Using Glue, paste the design on the PVC pipe.

3. Take a geared DC motor and a battery connector clip.

4. Solder the connector clip wires to the motor terminals.

5. Take an ON / OFF switch. Using Hot Glue, paste the switch on the battery connector.

6. Cut one of the wires and solder the wires to the switch.

7. Insert the motor tightly inside the PVC pipe.

8. Now, take a small piece of electrical cable raceway, open it and using hot glue, paste the bigger portion inside the PVC pipe.

9. Connect a 9v battery to the connector clip and fit the battery in the Electrical cable raceway

inside the PVC pipe.

10. Turn ON the switch to test the working of the motor.

11. If everything works fine, then take a thin stick. Insert the stick at 90 degree to the motor shaft and secure it with hot glue.

Our Electronic rotating toy is now ready. Turn ON the switch and leave it on the floor.

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