Hello everyone!

For Halloween 2010 I made this evil clown sculpted cake. This cake is a specific evil clown, Spoils the Clown from The Haunt House in Caddo Mills, TX (made for the man behind the clown.) It was a surprise for him and he loved it.

Depending on your artistic skill, this could be hard or easy. I'm an artist, fairly new to cake decorating and this is my 5th sculpted cake (self-taught) and I've been making cakes since August 2010 (and am in love with it!)

Total time spent on it from the start of baking to completion was about 12 hours over the course of 2 days. On one day I baked all the cakes and the next I did the rest.

This is all cake (I used chocolate Devil's Food) covered in fondant and then detailed and hand painted with gel food colors.

Here's a list of general supplies I used to make the cake:

• Cake pans for baking the cakes. I used two 10" rounds, two 8" rounds and two 6" rounds.
• General cake decorating supplies: Mixer, spatulas, turn-table, carving/clay/fondant/gumpaste tools, matt to roll fondant on, fondant rolling pin, gel food colors, knife, cake leveler, toothpicks, food-safe paintbrushes, small containers to mix food color "paints" in, 2 quarter sheet cake boards, tape, cake support dowel, foil to cover cake boards, etc. I used two quarter sheet cake boards stacked for this cake to help hold the weight of the cake.
• Ingredients to make cakes, buttercream icing, fondant and to mix food colors with (you will mix the food colorings with something like vodka or clear vanilla extract, not water.)

Here's the link to the alterations made to a box cake mix to make it a little stronger to better support sculpting. I used 3 boxes of cake mix to make this cake. With one box I made the two 8" rounds, another box for a 6" and a 10" and the last box for another 6" and 10".

Here's the link to how to make the marshmallow fondant, which is pretty yummy, although very sweet! Pre-made fondant can be bought if you do not want to make the marshmallow fondant but beware that some of the pre-made doesn't taste very appetizing.

Here's a simple recipe for the buttercream icing, a 2 lb batch. This uses shortening in place of butter. I'm in Texas and butter doesn't hold up as well still right now. If you don't have a stand mixer or don't want to make your own icing you can buy some pre-made.
2 Cups Shortening
2 lb bag Powdered Cane Sugar (or approx. 8 Cups)
4 TBSP Meringue Powder
2 tsp Vanilla Extract (use clear vanilla if you want your icing to be white)
2 tsp Butter Flavor (use clear flavor if you want your icing to be white)
1 tsp Almond Extract

Sift together powdered sugar and meringue powder into large bowl. Set aside.
Mix the flavor extracts together in a measuring cup. Add enough water to the mixture to bring the amount to 1/2 a cup. Put this into a mixer bowl with the shortening.
Add about 1/4th of the sifted powdered sugar/meringue powder mixture to the shortening and flavors in the mixer bowl. Beat on a slow speed with the paddle beater and the slowly incorporate the rest of the powdered sugar mix into the mixer bowl as it's slowly mixing. Once it's all in there I usually turn it up a notch in speed for about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes. Then it's done!
Keep it covered until you are ready to use it, as it will "crust" over if you are not ready to use it and leave it uncovered to the air.

Step 1: Stacking & Carving the Cakes

Once your cakes are baked, set aside the two 6" cakes, as they will be used for the hat later.

Level off your cakes, saving the parts you cut off of one of the 10" cakes to use as the hat brim later. You don't need to level off one of the 8" cakes, as it will be on top and will get carved away during the cake carving phase.

Stack your cooked, cooled cakes, with buttercream icing in between each layer. The two 10" cakes on bottom then the two 8" cakes.

Once that's done, grab a knife and begin to carve away!

I like to only cut away a little at a time so as to not cut away too much cake. I start with a basic general shape and then detail a little from there; carving out hollows for the eyes and mouth and shallower areas to define the cheeks and just a general shape of the nose.

It's good to save larger scraps in case you have to add some cake back to the piece, as I did with this cake for the bottom part of the hair. Just "glue" the pieces on with icing and once the fondant is on it holds them in place.
Your work always amazes me.
Wow. Seeeeeriously creepy.
Thank you :)
Wiiiiiiicked. o:
Thank you! :)
As soon as I've seen this clown 'ible I just knew it was you......again! In the first few sentences you proceed to say that you've only gotten into cake art in a few months, then once again you make something really AMAZING from cakes, buttercream and frosting alone. Actually the work's much more of an art than simple cooking (not that cooking isn't an art itself :P), what you've done is you've changed the material you work with. ;)<br><br>But let me tell you, the finished cake's really AWESOME! Even though I've read the whole instructable, speak some decent English and understood the text (somewhat :P), I couldn't bring myself to doing anything even remotely similar to this! Kudos for you, really!
Wow, thank you so much!!! I kind of just dove right into the cakes and never could have imagined how fun it would be, or that I would even be able to do anything like the way my cakes have come out. I surprised myself, that's for sure! I really love the art of it. :)
When will you make videos?
Hi there! I hope soon! I have a lot of cakes to be made in December and I'm going to see how well video comes out on my little camera.
I would love to see a video of that halo cake you made, I'm making a halo cake to for my older brother's birthday so I want to try the one you made next year XD
The ICP is gonna hire you man. No question.
Hahaha! That would rock :)
I consider such work a masterpiece.If possible pls do put video showing instructions on how to cut,carve and modell such pieces of art.thx4sharing.
Thank you! I hope to make a video soon, if my little camera will work for it
where did you get the carving utencils?
I got them at Hobby Lobby. I have the Wilton gum paste/fondant set of tools as well as some other tools I got in the section where they have the Sculpey and other clays.
I have been wondering this humanizing food concept?<br>First you make food look like a human, in this case a clowns head?<br>Then You eat it? <br>Isn't that cannibalism?
Heh heh! But it's yummy :)
Very nice sculpture work..<br><br>I bet you would do clay very good!<br><br>GREAT cake, now I'm hungry! : )
Thank you! <br> <br>I never was any good at working with clay... but then again the last time I tried was back in 1991 or 1992 so maybe I should try again! I would kill for a kiln!
Try some super sculpty..<br>You can use your oven, then...
I've used Sculpey recently (in the last few years) and used my oven, but it was to make miniature dress forms for a project I was making as a gift. Not much detail. Guess I could try something like this with it, but then I couldn't eat it! :)
When I first seen this I thought it was a real person dressed up as a clown. You need to go in the cake buiness. People make alot of money off cakes. You do great work. I am just amazed at what you can do with cake,buttercream and fondant...WOW. I would buy a cake from you. Best cakes I ever seen made.
Thank you! I'm hoping to start making cakes for $$$ soon. :) Just going to continue making cakes and putting them in my portfolio and see where I end up.
Funny and delicious! Will try for sure.
Awesome cake again, I love seeing the steps leading up to the finished product.
Your work is absolutely incredible! Only wish that you could have more step-by-step. Maybe a video?
Thank you! I don't have a video camera, although my little point and shoot camera can take short video clips. I was thinking of trying to make a small cake head with leftover cake scraps and making a little video but not sure how it would work out, or when I'd have time to make it. But it's in my plans!

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