How to Make an Ikura Sushi Birthday Cake





Introduction: How to Make an Ikura Sushi Birthday Cake

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This fun party cake was made with regular Funfetti cake mix and a few cheap and easy household ingredients. The prep time is minimal, and the results are sure to elicit lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' from your party guests!

The original tutorial can be found on my blog at

- cake mix
- Fruit Roll-Ups
- orange Jello
- sweetened shredded coconut
- kiwi
- frosting
- chopsticks and soy sauce

Step 1: Make 'Salmon Roe' Jello Fish Eggs

Use a single box of orange Jello, and prepare it according the the Jello mold instructions. I make mine in a refrigerator egg tray, but you could likely also use the foam carton that the eggs come in. I sprayed the tray with cooking spray first so that the 'eggs' would come out of the mold unscathed. Put them in the fridge for at least three hours to set. This step would be best done the night before.

Step 2: Bake Your Cakes

Simply bake a cake from a store-bought mix of your choice using two 9" round pans. After baking, set aside to cool completely.

Step 3: Frost Your Cake

Using any sort of white frosting, put your two cooled cake layers together, and frost them completely.

Step 4: Cover Top With Coconut 'Rice'

Sprinkle the top with a nice, thick layer of sweetened, shredded coconut, avoiding the very center.

Step 5: Apply Fruit Roll-Up 'Seaweed'

Using a paring knife, cut green Fruit Roll-Up slices to fit the outside of the cake and carefully stick it to the frosting the entire way around the cake. Be sure to apply it quickly before it becomes hot and sticky.

Step 6: Make 'Ginger' & 'Wasabi'

You can layer thin slices of orange and red Fruit Roll-Ups for a nice ginger color. After sticking them together, wrinkle them up a bit and set them beside the cake on the plate.

Peel a kiwi, and cut it slightly over the halfway mark so that you have one larger piece and one smaller piece. Cut notches out of it randomly to resemble a blob of wasabi. Place it next to the 'ginger' on the plate.

Step 7: Apply Your 'Salmon Roe'

Dip your Jello mold in hot water for a few moments to loosen the 'eggs' and then very carefully jiggle it around and slide them out. Using a spatula, slide them onto the center of the cake. I used four because that fit best, but yours may be smaller. Simply use however many you think look best.

Step 8: Garnish With Chopstick and Soy Sauce

Add a pair of wooden chopsticks to the top and a couple packets of soy sauce next to the ginger and wasabi for authenticity. I even used a piece of the plastic grass from a real sushi order!



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Thanks for the great idea! I made this for my boyfriend's birthday and everyone was so impressed (I didn't tell them how easy it was ;) ) You must have some awesome skills with that egg tray, because mine all fell apart. Ended up using a melon baller instead, but it still turned out well. Thanks again for the tips and tutorial!


I made this this past wknd, everyone loved it, my MIL can't stop tlking about it.
I couldn't find green fruit roll up so i had to dye icing whcih didn't get as dark as i'd liek ti too but the idea was there. I also shaved a bar of white chocolate for the "rice" , noone in my house likes coconut. Thanks!

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that is the largest roe I have ever seen...

This is so cute!! Im totally going to make it for my best friends bday cake!

This is so cute!! Im totally going to make it for my best friends bday cake!

This is so cute!! Im totally going to make it for my best friends bday cake!

This is so cute!!! It will be my best friends birthday cake this year :)

Definitely. Try melting good quality white chocolate and adding green food dye. Then pipe it onto the plate! OR you could try some green dye and lime cordial added to ice cream!! YUM!

OMG! YUMLICIOUS! I LOVE SUSHI! Definitely having this 4 my next b-day!!!
Love the idea! If you guys like sushi check out
its awesome!!!

This was the easiest cake I ever made. Thank you so much for the idea!
I substituted the Jello for orange candy jelly slices, put two together to make the eggs and the ginger was red candy slices and wasabi green candy slices.
Swedish fish for garnish. Freezing the cake pieces before frosting made it super easy to frost.

Laurens sushi cake.jpg

BAIT (our nickname for sushi) CAKE! xD It's too cute!

Did this for my son's birthday...Mega Win! I used fruit roll ups for the roe as well. My son took pictures with his phone and sent it to all his friends. I have a request for 2 more this summer. Nice work and thanks for the info!

I LOVE IKURA!!!! you know, the sake kind on rice topped with seaweed. Ohhh i haven't had fresh ikura in such a long time since i left vancouver.

Aesthetically pleasing... very creative, colourful... looks almost like the real thing~

Nevertheless, this recipe is a little too sweet in my opinion xD never tried fruit rollups with cake b4 =3

Nice. Except for the coconut; any ideas for a replacement that looks like rice ?

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If you could find white sprinkles, that would work. In a pinch, I suppose you could use Rice Krispies and call it brown rice sushi! - Lindsay