Step 5: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly
final assembly.jpg
We're almost done!  You now need to finish the wiring on the lamp side.  Solder the ground wire and the fan negative to the minus tab of the LED.  Wire the positive wire to the plus side of the LED, and finally attach the fan positive to the fan wire.  Use a generous amount of solder for the best connection.  Make sure everything is nice and secure with zip ties, and use heat-shrink tubing for any wire conenctions

I've left the electrical tabs bare here since 34 volts is not too dangerous, but if you're at all worried about shorting anything, you should paint over the tabs with urethane conformal coating, available at any electronics supply.  It will insulate and protect the connections.

Once the lamp head is done you can screw it into place on the flexible arm.  Again, use zip ties to keep the wires secure.