Step 5: Create horns for headband.

1. Cut two 3" tall by 1.5" wide rounded horn-shaped pieces from the light brown felt.
  • Make sure they are the same size.
  • Don't worry about getting them precise; a giraffe's knobby horns are supposed to be funny-looking.
2. Place glue around the outside edges of one of the pieces.
  • Caution: Do not place glue on the edge opposite of the rounded side of the horn piece. This needs to be kept open.
3. Glue 2 pieces together.
  • Make sure to spread glue out towards edges and not inward. You only want glue on the edges.
4. Once completely dry, flip pieces inside out so that the glued edges are not showing.

5. Do this process again for the other knobby horn.
I love the costume. I wonder if it would be less time consuming and less expensive to instead use fabric paint instead of the labor-intensive cutting and gluing? Acrylic paint is very inexpensive. (Most craft stores have 50% off coupons) A few .99 foam brushes and hang it to dry a few hours. :o) I'm all about working smarter and not harder. LOL
with a little extra work you could make a leopard costume . . .<br>I like it
More pix of the adorable giraffe please!!
<p>This is a great idea, and it turned out so well!</p><br><p>Just one editorial comment -- in Step 9.3, I think you mean either, &quot;The giraffe costume is quite <i>deceiving</i>,&quot; or &quot;quite <i>convincing</i>,&quot; but not conceiving.</p> That would be kind of anti-social behavior for a party... ;-)
Not just that, but the email says &quot;How to make an easy giraffe costume&quot; which presumably meant, how to make a giraffe costume easily...<br><br>The idea of an easy giraffe made my heart miss a beat. Cool picture and cossie by the way! Great work.
I was looking for a costume I could make in one night...I may have found it! Thanks for posting this:)
Hey, this was something I least expected but it's so unique and cute. Great idea!
Extra cute! Very nice job, it looks great.
OMmmyygoshhh...This is sooooo cute! :)
I laughed when I saw this. It's pretty cool. Maybe it should be a turtleneck though, to emphasise the giraffe's most distinguishing feature?
great costume, it's cute and original.

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