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Introduction: How to Make an Instructables T-Shirt

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In this instructable I am going to show you How to Make an Instructables T-Shirt. This is a quick and fairly cheap way to make an instructables t-shirt if you did not win one a contest or if you have not bought one from the Instructables Store.

Step 1: Materials/ Tools

White Cotton T-Shirt- I bought some white under shirts.
Iron Transfer paper- You can get it at most craft stores. 6 sheets for around $10 USD.
Iron-Any one should do
Ink Jet Printer-

Step 2: Prepare the Image

Prepare the Image
So now you need an image for your shirt. The important part about this step is that it needs to be flipped horizontally so that it will work for the iron on transfer. If you have a printer that has an iron on transfer mode DO NOT flip the image. Your printer should automatically flip it for you.
Here is the image I scaled down to fit a 4 by 6. If you have 8.5 by 11 inch piece of iron transfer you might want to print more than one image on a piece of paper.
Now put the iron transfer paper in the printer. Make sure that it feeds correctly into the printer so that it prints on the correct side of the paper. Once you have it printed make sure the ink is dry and then cut it out leaving about 1/4 in boarder around the edge of the image.
Pictures courtesy of Instructables(Hope you don't mind :)

Step 3: Ironing

Now put the shirt on a hard surface (Not an ironing board!) and put the transfer paper face down on the shirt in position and then iron it for about 30 seconds. Then wait for it to cool off and slowly peel of the transfer paper. You should wait at least 5 or 10 minuets before peeling it off. Repeat for the other side and your done. Enjoy your new shirt.
A Note on Maintenance: Washing the T-shirt inside out and not drying it in the dryer will help the transfer stay in good condition. Then let it air dry.

Here is a video Demo of ironing and peeling off. Keep in mind I speed up the video.

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    I have wanted to get a instructable t shirt! This is soooo great!

    is it washable?? I want to make one but doubt if it will stay for long.

    Yeah, you flip it inside out and then put it the washer. And then let it air dry. I don't though and my other shirt just is a little crinkled. Good question.

    I learned the hard way to always pre-wash and dry new t-shirts before proceeding with any transfers or painting on of designs, to eliminate the possibility of even the slightest shrinkage. This ensures your design will not wrinkle, crinkle or crack. To be really safe, wash them twice. Even wash shirts that say they're pre-shrunk!

    Good plan. Also, hang to dry and the transfer will not get semi-melted by the dryer

    Love it! Since I don't know how to post instructables, I can't win a shirt and the order form to buy one is not user friendly.

    your pro but cant post a ible just clcik submit them instructable its easy

    I don't know how to get pictures from my camera on to the computer.  I'm "pro" because I sent money to help support the site ("pro" is the term used for contributing financially; it doesn't mean I am a "pro" at computer stuff in any way lol)