Introduction: How to Make an Ipod Shoulder Mount!!!

Have you ever needed to put your ipod somewhere to take a picture or record something and you can't because your ipod won't stay up? In this instructable i will teach you how to solve that problem with an ipod shoulder mount. 

Step 1: Supplies!

The only things you need are scissors, cardboard, a Velcro strap, and duck tape.

Step 2: Step 1

Slice a whole in the card board big enough for your ipod to fit in but still secure, and make the whole length bigger then the ipod.

Step 3: Step 2

Bend the cardboard so it makes a triangle. 

Step 4: Step 3

Tape the two pieces together with the duck tape so the cardboard stays in place. When you are done with that check and see if your ipod fits in the slot.

Step 5: Step 4

Now you're going to add the shoulder part. Take the Velcro strap and put it through the ipod holder and fasten it how you want it.

Step 6: Done!!!

Your done, try it out on your shoulder, this could also work on a sideways tree branch if you wanted it to.


luxstar (author)2013-07-17

Hey Monkeynuts,

The basic Velcro strap but with “d” buckle is available here:

$1.00 each including shipping when you buy 10:

monkeynuts (author)luxstar2013-07-18

cool, but are those ones stretchy, they kind of have to be?

luxstar (author)monkeynuts2013-07-20

Sorry. Not stretchy

monkeynuts (author)luxstar2013-07-20

oh, thanks any ways:)

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